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In the Wake of the Mayflower - 2020

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    Commemorating the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims' Landing in the New World, "In the Wake of the Mayflower - 2020" was created by two Cape Codders who have lived here for 50 years and have been preparing for this year all their lives. Historian, author, and artist Karen Rinaldo has been telling stories and depicting the pleasures of the Cape through her art since she was a teen. Her large canvas of "The First Thanksgiving - 1621" hung in Plimoth Plantation for 20 years, and is now on exhibit at the Museums on the Green in Falmouth. Teaming with Kevin Doyle - a military historian, photographer, and writer - the pair has created a variety of gifts commemorating the years from the 1620 "First Encounter" to the division of Nauset lands that became the 15 towns of Cape Cod. A light-hearted poster tells the story of the Pilgrims before they settled in Plymouth (also available on tee-shirts), and another poster recounts the First Thanksgiving ten months later. Their entertaining book provides an easy-to-read history that "connects the dots" of our American heritage.