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Helltown Provincetown

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    Helltown was the nickname for Provincetown in 1600's, this came about due to carousing, drinking, gambling, and smuggling that occurred near hatches harbor. Hence Helltown was the name given to this area. Something about this intrigued me for many years while vacationing up here in Provincetown. I moved to Provincetown full time in 2015 with my partner and we purchased Carpe Diem Guesthouse and Spa. I had worked in the fashion business in NYC for 25 years, I am a creative soul so it was not long before I started thinking about other adventures. I started doing some print making classes at PAAM, and enjoyed connecting to my creative side again. I liked to take my sketch book to the beach and just doddle. Prints I started had a more graphic direction which I liked. Over the next year I started working on ideas for printed notebooks, coasters, trays, T-shirts and some cards. I decided one day after talking with a friend to add some candles. I starting with some graphic fun imagery for the boxes and working with scents in mind that I personally loved. I remembered a trip I had taken to Napa valley a few years earlier, we went to a gift shop and there was this back wall all covered with candles. Everything was beige and they all looked the same. This always stuck in my head! I love color and I love pattern, Seabreeze and Sunshine was my 1st candle. Its just a happy colorful box with blue lines like the sea and yellow sun motif. The scent clean and fresh, It reminds me of summer in Provincetown. I continue to add a few new scents every year, I have added Jewelry and paperweights and continue to play with ideas that interest me. As we grow I am grateful we are able to give back 10% of profits to local charities here in town.
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