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Capt'n Cod's Bear Cove

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    Capt'n Cod's Bear Cove, formerly Cape Cod Bear Factory, is proud to be a part of the Cape Cod community!

    We offer magical experiences for the children who visit us to play, imagine and create while choosing from over 35 animal options and more than 70 outfits, t-shirts and/or accessories! Our team is dedicated to creating a fun and exciting atmosphere where your child can make their new animal friend perfectly ready to take home! With imagination and creativity always in mind, our goal is to ensure that you and your family leave with more than just a new stuffed animal. We ensure you have a great time and make lasting memories!

    • The Bear Cove will help you plan a wicked fun birthday party where the party child and their friends will all get to make new stuffed animal pals! Did I mention we come to you?! Let us entertain the kids while the parents get time to catch up! 
    • We are a great resource for fundraisers too! We can customize any animal to match your cause or event by adding your logo to stuffed-animal-sized T-shirts! 
    • Having a corporate event, wedding, school fair, sports tournament, etc.? Let us handle the favors!

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