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Cape Cod Medical Alarm

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    Trusted Experience and Innovative Technology: The Philips Lifeline Advantage As the medical alert services industry leader, Philips Lifeline has helped millions of seniors lead lives of greater security and independence.vWhen you choose Lifeline, you enjoy the benefits of a respected, quality medical alert service. Get to know us and you’ll be pleased to discover that we are: Highly regarded: Philips Lifeline is trusted by thousands of hospitals and recommended by over 90,000 healthcare professionals. Experienced: Since founding the medical alert service industry in 1974, we’ve helped over 7 million seniors and at-risk individuals feel safe and secure at home. Innovative: As a division of Philips, we continuously invest in research and development and release state-of-the-art medical alert products and services like Lifeline with AutoAlert. Registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Our quality management systems have been designed to comply with FDA regulations that apply to comparable Philips imaging equipment used in hospital operating and trauma rooms. Always available: Our U.S.-based, company-owned Response Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it is staffed with meticulously trained, caring Personal Response Associates. Reliable: At home, our self-checking medical alert equipment notifies the Response Center if it detects a power failure or low battery. Focused: Unlike generic substitutes such as cell phones, our medical alert products and services are specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors and at-risk individuals. Flexible: Service is paid for on a monthly basis, just while you need it. We won’t ask you to sign a long-term contract.
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