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Barn Pottery

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    All of my stoneware pottery is intended for use. I make everything out of my studio, The Barn, is in Pocasset. Each piece is thrown and trimmed on the wheel, decorated using Sgraffito (carving through a colored slip to show the clay color), and bisque and glaze fired in my gas kiln. I have several different styles in which I decorate. My "Motherhood" series includes 'Baby Belly Mugs', and 'Pregnant Mother', and 'Mother and Child' vases. The decoration on the former pieces is etched into the surface of the clay and then an iron oxide wash is used to bring out the details, after the bisque firing. These pots are inspired by my own experiences with motherhood through my 9 year old daughter, and 11 year old son. My "Fish" series is broken up into two categories. The "Aquarium" pieces have fish swimming around the outside 'body' of the cup, bowl, pitcher, etc. Each of the pots (in this design), has one fish who "swims his own way"! My new fish decoration uses the fish as more of a design element. Instead of going around the pot, they are stacked vertically. On plates and shallow bowls the design radiates out from the center. My "India" series is inspired by a trip I took with The Emancipation Network in 2006. This group helps empower women who have been trafficked, and also provides them with education, rehabilitation, and job training.(For more information on this group, please check out Some of the women are actual women I met on this trip. I am planning on selling these pieces as, ‘Pots with a purpose’ and donating a percentage of sales to help these amazing women. I am inspired daily by the world around me. I am fascinated with pattern, color, and texture and how they enrich each of my pieces. Through teaching out of my studio I am constantly working on new ideas. My work is taking on a new level of decoration through the use of stamping and sliptrailing. I am so excited to share this work with you!
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