Let Yourself Go on Cape Cod

Cape Cod is not just a place...it's a feeling

Coming to Cape Cod is like a blank slate for Kate. No running around to ballet lessons, piano classes or soccer practice. Unwinding on Cape Cod means no running at all. It means turning off her cell phone and finding those moments to really connect with her family…and herself. Whether it is a game of miniature golf, a leisurely stroll along winding nature trails, exploring a hidden artist’s studio on historic Route 6A or a relaxing canal cruise, Cape Cod provides Kate with a peace of mind she can’t find anywhere else. Find more about nature trails and arts trails,

Cape Cod...where everyone gets to play in the sand

When Mikey sees the arch of the big bridge to Cape Cod, he holds his breath just like his dad did when he was a boy. He can barely wait to trade in his sneakers for flip flops, collect minnows in his new sand bucket, climb the stairs to the top of the Pilgrim Monument, and see a giant whale splashing in the deep ocean! The day always ends with a walk to the nearby ice cream parlor, where a double scoop cone with jimmies awaits. Mikey’s summer adventures allow his parents to rediscover Cape Cod through their child …and fall in love all over again. Find more fun things to do with kids on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod is not just a place...it's an attitude

To Sara, visiting Cape Cod is like an escape from the worries and pressures of everyday life. It’s about leaving her laptop behind after a long work week, grabbing her dog Dune, and heading down to the Cape for sun, surf and fun.  The plentiful sandbars of the Outer Cape provide the perfect setting for her to ride the waves and clear her head. The vibrant nightlife gives her a chance to reconnect with the girls, meet new people, and dance to the sounds of live bands. Life in the real world can get pretty crazy. Cape Cod brings Sara the kind of relief she needs to balance out her hectic life. Find out about water sports and nighltife options on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod is not just a place...it's a connection

Late afternoons in season, Bob takes his grandson Trey to Chatham to watch the fishing boats return to unload their daily catch, and the harbor seals come in search of cast-offs.  Other times, Bob brings him to Chapin Beach, where he will one day teach his young grandson to go clamming in the tidal flats on Cape Cod Bay, and surfcast for stripers and bluefish from the shore.  Seeing these things through the child’s eyes reminds Bob of how lucky he is to call Cape Cod home, and to share this special place with Trey. Find info on fishing on Cape Cod.