Garden Tours - Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Edible Landscapes of Cape Cod, 415 Cedar Street, West Barnstable  ​Tours at 10 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM
Tour benefiting Whelden Memorial Library
Edible Landscapes of Cape Cod is a small landscaping and “foodscaping” business that helps people grow food on their property, as well as manage it organically and ecologically. Find out more at: 
Directions: Turn onto Cedar Street when you see the 1717 Meetinghouse (West Parish Church). Parking: Plenty of parking along the lengthy driveway. The Parking Attendant will guide you. Accessibility: Accessible


E & T Farms, 85 Lombard Avenue, West Barnstable    Tour benefiting Whelden Memorial Library
Open for tours:  Wednesday, July 17th and Thursday, July 18th  9:00 AM-12 Noon
This family run business has been keeping bees for over eighteen years. What started as a hobby has developed into a passion for producing only the finest available honey and other products from the beehive. Their hard-working bees pollinate local Cape Cod cranberry bogs and visit florals of this special area to produce beautiful golden honey. The Farm’s aquaponics is the integration of aquaculture (shrimp farming) and hydroponics (growing plants in water). Within the aquaponics system, there are three primary organisms: shrimp, plants and nitrifying bacteria. Each of these life forms is dependent in some way on the other for survival. The shrimp produce manure which acts as a fertilizer for the plants. Shrimp manure is mainly in the form of ammonia. Nitrifying bacteria convert ammonia into nitrate which is non-toxic to the shrimp and also is a form of nitrogen the plants take up most readily. The shrimp produce the fertilizer for the plants and with help of the bacteria, the plants clean the water for the shrimp. Their shrimp are in 6,000-gallon tanks using water from Cape Cod Bay in Barnstable. The salad greens and micro greens and basil are grown using the finest nutrients available.  They now have egg-laying chickens providing fresh eggs. Parking: The Parking Attendant will guide you.  Garden Accessibility: Accessible.


Waterfall Garden on the Hill, 111 Old Bog Road
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary- Orleans Branch

As you climb the hill leading to the property, hear the rushing water from the large cascading waterfall and be greeted by bright blue hydrangea surrounding the Victorian farmer’s porch. A row of Leyland cypress is the backdrop for the garden on the knoll.  A lace leaf Japanese maple overhangs the waterfall where a variety of coreopsis, Shasta daisy, gaura, and ornamental grasses grow.   Lace cap hydrangea and burning bush are punctuated by Stella d’Oro lilies. Enjoy the shade garden with Japanese painted fern, astilbe, and coral bells.  Colossal hostas dominate with the Fire & Ice and Patriot varieties. On your tour catch blooms of English roses, coreopsis, speedwell, daisy, rudbeckia, and enjoy the sweet summer aroma of garden phlox. Cape Cod and Hydrangea themed items will be available for sale. Garden Directions: From the Orleans/Brewster town line, take Rt. 6A West for .3 miles. Turn right onto Seaview Road and follow for .4 miles. Turn left onto Old Bog Road. The house is .2 miles on the left. Garden Parking: Along Old Bog Road   Garden Accessibility: Difficult


Chatham Bars Inn Farm, 3034 Main Street, Brewster
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary- Orleans Branch

Originally a berry farm in Brewster, this land was purchased by Chatham Bars Inn in 2013 to enhance the menu and create a farm to table dining experience of its guests. The CBI Farm produces a bounty of fresh ornamental and edible flowers, herbs, vegetables, and blueberries. Flowers have been planted not only for their beauty and use in dishes, but also to provide a natural balance for insects. A chalet-style Slovenian beehive produces local honey. Some of the vegetables include heirloom tomatoes, baby bok choy, Eastham turnips, New Zealand spinach, koosa zucchini, tromboncino squash, cucamelons and so much more. The bounty is endless! Garden Directions: From the Orleans/Brewster town line, head west on Rt. 6A for 2 miles. The CBI Farm is on the left. Garden Parking: There is a dirt parking lot at the farm. Garden Accessibility: Discretionary


A Spectacle of Color, 207 Foster Road entrance/66 Chapel Lane, Brewster
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary- Orleans Branch

This garden was started in 1962 and demonstrates the creativity of 2 generations of women. Roses, alstroemeria, lilies, and coneflowers predominate, but the garden contains over 100 varieties of flowers growing in beds and containers around the property. Orange is a favorite color, so you will see flowers that range in color from soft cantaloupe to blazing fire in many flowers including canna, calla, oriental, and day lilies. Yellow, red and purple flowers complement the orange.  A 40-foot swathe of nasturtiums covers the bed where hundreds of tulips bloomed in May. Hydrangeas, including blue lace caps and purple, pink, and blue ball forms are tucked into the landscape. The garden also includes vegetables, berries, a shade garden and a fall garden. Smaller garden plots in 2 neighbors' yards will be included in the tour. Cape Cod and Hydrangea themed items will be available for sale.

Garden Directions: From the Orleans/Brewster town line, head west on Rt. 6A for 3.1 miles. Turn right onto Foster Road and continue for .4 miles to number 207 on the left. Garden Parking: Parking will be available on one side of Foster Road. Accessible.

A Historic District Gem, 31 Old North Road, Brewster
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary- Orleans Branch

This garden, located in the historic district of Brewster just minutes off Route 6A is a gem that has been cultivated and expanded since the owners bought the property in 1984. Rhododendrons abound in the yard as well as a variety of hydrangeas including Limelight, Endless Summer and Oakleaf. Daylilies, red twig dogwood bushes, perennial gardens, and a small vegetable garden add to the beauty.  A California privet hedge hides the backyard that is an outdoor space perfect for summer living on Cape Cod. Hammocks, a swing, a fire pit and a zipline are all part of the charm. Cape Cod and Hydrangea themed items will be available for sale. Garden Directions: From the Orleans/Brewster town line, head west on Rt. 6A for 3.7 miles. Turn right onto Old North Road. Continue on Old North Road for 322 feet to number 31 on the left. Parking: Parking will be available on 1 side only of Old North Road Garden Accessibility: Accessible

A Garden for All Seasons,  912 Long Pond Road, Rte 137, Brewster
Tour benefiting Brewster Garden Club

Fieldstone walls, old spruce and fruit trees, a barn foundation are all parts of this charming old home.  Flowering trees and shrubs – hollies, rhododendrons, vitex, dogwoods, stewartia, spiraea, viburnum – screen the border location.  Hydrangeas – mopheads, lacecaps, peegees, climbers, oak leafs –climb the walls, edge the walkways, enhance the borders.  Wander the yard to find peonies, iris, daylilies, roses, honeysuckle, and clematis.  Also look for river birch, Japanese maples, mugo pines, hinoki cypress, cryptomeria and katsura.  And don’t miss the walled garden with rhubarb, raspberries, fig, peach and apple trees, and raised beds for vegetables and herbs.  This is truly a garden for all seasons. Directions: corner of Rte. 137 and Spruce Run Drive. Accessibility: Discretionary



Garden for All Seasons, 28 Sady’s Lane, East Falmouth
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hydrangea Society

The Cape Cod Hydrangea Society welcomes you to a Garden for All Seasons. Featured in Fine Gardening magazine in April 2017, this property was chosen for its skill in making a mere half acre feel much larger. Winding garden paths lead the visitor through surprising vistas and vignettes. Espaliered pear and dogwood trees and archways of beeches and hydrangeas are some of the many features to be discovered in this 34-year-old garden created by the homeowners / professional horticulturists. More than 30 hydrangea cultivars are integrated into the mixed borders. Despite their Garden’s age, the Chapman’s are keen on continuing improvement making this garden well worth a return trip. Site has plenty of immediate parking.

Oglesby House Garden, 20 Benjamin Nye’s Lane, North Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Chorale

The Oglesby House Garden began in 2003 with clearing of overgrowth. Goshen stone patios and walkways were laid in 2004. The garden is anchored by specimen trees planted to suit the climate and the aesthetic: Katsura, Japanese Stewartia, Japanese Umbrella Pine, Japanese Maple, Seven Son Flower, Crabapple, Kausa Dogwood, Birch. Herbaceous borders flow across the gentle sloping garden. Several varieties of hydrangea: macrophilla, lace cap, quercifolia, paniculate, petiolaris ground the beds and straddle the woodland edge. Other shrubs include viburnum, azalea, lilac, forsythia, weiglia, spirea, butterfly bush, and rhodies. Roses, iris, dahlia, mums, lavender and RussianSage take their turns blooming in the sunny beds while hosta, ferns and astilbe bring texture and color into the shade. The entrance to the lower garden is a large moon gate; a sculpture of St. Francis beckons on the back patio where there is a small fountain. There is comfortable garden seating allowing rest while walking the discretionary landscape. Open for tours: July 15 and 17, 2019

Directions: Benjamin Nye’s Lane is off of Old Main Road in North Falmouth. It can also be entered from Wild Harbor Road. Garden Instructions: Park on Needle's Lane which is directly across from the Oglesby House Garden Driveway. Accessibility:  Discretionary


Colacicco Garden, 22 Brown Ct, Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Community Garde
On less than a quarter of acre, enjoy a space inspired by classic English gardens.  When you visit, midsummer colors will light up a traditional mixed border, a white garden, a newly planted ‘Hot Garden’, a garden with little hostas, and a mini succulent garden.  View young espaliered apple trees, many roses of various types, and a raised bed veggie patch. Many Hydrangeas including heirloom, new macrophylla, climbing and paniculata types, adorn the property. 



Award Winning Shirley G. Cross Wildflower Garden,
Green Briar Nature Center, 6 Discovery Hill Rd, East Sandwich
Tour benefiting Thornton Burgess Society

The Shirley G. Cross Wildflower Garden and the gardens of the Historic Ida Putnam Jam Kitchen will be a tour delight. A nest in nature, the gardens of Green Briar Nature Center are a place to pause and appreciate the beauty of flowers in a unique setting. From shade to sun, from bog to meadow, many floral examples will be blooming- lobelia, thermopsis, baptisia oh my! Some endangered and rare, plentiful and seedy, pollinators galore! Come learn about wildflowers. Tours of the Wildflower Garden will be going on throughout the day with complimentary refreshments. The gorgeous garden beds of the Jam Kitchen will also be in bloom. Jam will be available for tasting and the Thornton Burgess Museum will be open for learning. Facilities available and accessible.
Directions: Off of 6A / Old Kings Hwy, turn onto Discovery Hill Rd. Green Briar sign on 6A


Hidden Garden Owners, 9 Summer Street, Sandwich
Tour benefiting Thornton Burgess Society

A garden full of charm with a layout that understands display. Fondly known as the Hedge House, this garden is set in the quaint village of Sandwich. Dahlias of many shades, layers of morning glories, an old grapevine shading the pergola... Many different perennials and annuals will be blooming, as well as, several examples of hydrangeas in shades of pink to blue to deep purple. Hydrangea highlights - Abracadabra, Mop Heads, Smoke Bush and others. Combining form and function, the kitchen garden is a display ready for summertime eating. From the street the charm and blooms are secluded, hidden behind a tall privet hedge making this a secret stop along the tour garden and an absolute favorite. Directions: Continue on Main St., right on Summer St.


Historic Hydrangea Tree, 173 Main Street, Sandwich
Tour benefiting Thornton Burgess Society

An historic home with gardens galore. The front yard is full of perennial favorites and annuals. Loads of vibrancy and color. This home’s major highlight will be the old hydrangea tree in full bloom. A Hydrangea Festival classical not to be missed. Go through the driveway gate and see what only the homeowner and guests get to behold planters and roses and plenty more blooms, perennials and annuals in a long-loved gardening home.


Tupelo Tree Gardens, 20 Moody Drive,  Sandwich
Tour benefiting Thornton Burgess Society

One of the main focal areas of this garden home is the large perennial garden. Inspiring to see the blooms ringed by a large, beautiful display of Tupelo trees and mature rhododendrons. For hosta enthusiasts, this garden displays a long row and variety of hostas lining the road. There are four varieties of hydrangeas blooming in spectacular colors. And finally, rock walls decorated with colorful annuals. A surprise each year.

Tidal Marsh Perspective Garden , 16 Stonefield Drive, Sandwich
Tour benefiting Thornton Burgess Society

A farmhouse by the sea, where home and landscape are one. A gardenscape and view that is peaceful, contemplative, restorative and welcoming. The current owners fell in love with the mature perennial gardens of the past owner, a dedicated gardener, and have added much of their own. A beautiful multi-tiered deck with views galore and a homemade pizza oven for outdoor cooking. An added waterfall, spilling over the rock wall in the koi pond, adding a gentle flow of sound to the serene nature of property. A daily show of endless blooming flowers: copious lilies, hostas, rose of sharon, hibiscus and loads of annuals, raised vegetable and herb beds, with a stunning, myriad of hydrangeas in shades of blue, purple, red and white, that hug the front wrap-around farmer’s porch. A unique garden perspective on a Cape Cod tidal marsh. Come enjoy a slice, the pizza oven will be fired up! Directions: Off 6A, turn on Spring Hill Rd, left on Boulder Brook, right on Stonefield


McDermott Glass Garden, 272 Cotuit Rd. Sandwich
Tour benefiting Thornton Burgess Society

Expect the unexpected - celebrated glass blowers, David and Yukimi have a glass blowing studio and gallery surrounded by gardens decorated with stunning glass pieces. A koi pond and island with a Japanese Maple, moss and ferns, statues and glass. Outlined and bordered by a Magnolia tree and lacecap hydrangea and the pjm rhododendron. Lupine, beebalm, goldenrod, primrose, iris and much more seeks out the sun in this tucked away forest garden. Behind the gallery, gravel paths lead visitors through ornamental grasses, glass sculptures, to a pagoda flanked by hinoki cypress and ornamental pears. Pictum fern, azalia, hosta, Irish moss, bleeding heart, and a stunning Lace Leaf Japanese Maple, shimmering with glass pieces fill in all about. The studio and gallery will be open for viewing and purchases during the tour. Directions: Off 6A, turn on Quaker Meeting House Rd, right on Cotuit