Garden Tours - Thursday, July 18 2019

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E & T Farms, 85 Lombard Avenue, West Barnstable  
Tour benefiting Whelden Memorial Library                 9:00 AM-12 Noon

This family run business has been keeping bees for over eighteen years. What started as a hobby has developed into a passion for producing only the finest available honey and other products from the beehive. Their hard-working bees pollinate local Cape Cod cranberry bogs and visit florals of this special area to produce beautiful golden honey. The Farm’s aquaponics is the integration of aquaculture (shrimp farming) and hydroponics (growing plants in water). Within the aquaponics system, there are three primary organisms: shrimp, plants and nitrifying bacteria. Each of these life forms is dependent in some way on the other for survival. The shrimp produce manure which acts as a fertilizer for the plants. Shrimp manure is mainly in the form of ammonia. Nitrifying bacteria convert ammonia into nitrate which is non-toxic to the shrimp and also is a form of nitrogen the plants take up most readily. The shrimp produce the fertilizer for the plants and with help of the bacteria, the plants clean the water for the shrimp. Their shrimp are in 6,000-gallon tanks using water from Cape Cod Bay in Barnstable. The salad greens and micro greens and basil are grown using the finest nutrients available.  They now have egg-laying chickens providing fresh eggs.
Parking: The Parking Attendant will guide you. Open for Tours:  Wednesday, July 17th and  Thursday, July 18th  

Howe’s Garden, 1124 Old Stage Road, Centerville  
Tour benefiting Whelden Memorial Library         9:00 AM-12 Noon

This lovely landscape holds numerous flower gardens with various perennials and bulbs. Their specialty is hybridizing day lilies. You will see seedlings from plants that were cross-pollinated in 2017, yearlings planted in the spring of 2017, and close to 100 plants saved from crops that date to 2004. The best hybrids get a Cape Cod name (Ex. Cape Cod Lemonade) and are registered with the American Hemerocallis Society. If you are curious about hybridization, or simply would like to enjoy an array of beautiful blooms, this is the garden to see. Orders taken for August pick-up. Garden Parking: Please park on the left side of the adjacent street. The Parking Attendant will guide you.  Garden Accessibility: Accessible
Open for Tours:  Sunday, July 14th, Thursday, July 18th, and Saturday, July 20th    

One Thirza's Way West Dennis
Tour benefiting West Dennis Garden Club

Located in a secluded neighborhood, at the end of the Bass River, is Wrinkle Point, a 60-year old gated community. One Thirza's Way is surrounded with Hydrangeas, which will greet you as you approach the property. As you stroll towards the back of the yard, you will pass various types of Hydrangeas which have been planted over the 50 years the home has been inhabited by four generations of the same family. The backyard has a small English Garden that the owners enjoy from their sunroom as they sit and view the activity on Bass River. The embankment leading down to the beach is covered with Rosa Regosa and other wild Cape Cod vegetation. Come and sit on the deck and view the blue Hydrangeas and the Lilies with a calm southerly breeze keeping you cool, as you ponder which garden to visit next on your tour. Garden Open: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 and Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sandy Toes, 26 Walden Way, East Harwich     Tour benefiting Harwich Garden Club

 The owners with help from the Gendrons of Cape House Landscaping planned the well-groomed backyard fit for family entertaining and wildlife.  Perennial beds line the shed and pool.  Day lilies surround the greenhouse.  Azaleas and hostas claim a shaded garden. There are also raised vegetable beds and, of course, hydrangeas.  An avid birder, this garden club member/owner has included winterberries, beautybush, hollies and other plants to attract feathered friends.  Enjoy your stroll on flat lawn through this charming property. Directions:  From Route 6, Exit 11, Turn left at end of ramp onto 137.  Almost immediately, turn left onto Pleasant Bay Road.  1/2 turn right onto Harding Lane, then right on Walden Way. 


99 Spruce Road, East Harwich   
Tour benefiting Harwich Garden Club
The owners of this property in the woods overlooking Hawksnest Pond have established a pleasure garden which protects and supports wildlife by using organic practices and recycled materials creatively and reflects the couple’s respect for our fragile environment.  Follow the flow downward from a shade garden of spring ephemerals, pass the bee-happy tapestry lawn and arrive at a raised vegetable garden.  Discover a patio with a waterfall surrounded by Pagoda Dogwoods, a huge Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, fringe tree, rhododendron and hydrangeas.  Log stairs lead to a terrace of heaths, day lilies and shrubs. Uneven, sloping terrain not suitable for wheelchairs or walkers. Directions:  From Route 6, take Exit 11.  At end of ramp, turn left onto 137.  Almost immediately, turn right on Spruce Road, just beyond the Welcome to Harwich sign. Property is .8 miles on left. 


176 John Joseph Road, Harwich
Tour benefiting Harwich Garden Club 

176 John Joseph was built 10 years ago.  The woodland setting was created by choosing  indigenous plant material and adding shrubs, plants and trees of non-indigenous origin to  highlight the garden. In order to protect John Joseph Pond, the owners opted to have no lawn.  A pine needle path meanders past a mock Victorian folly which was built to hold an old porcelain sink found in the cottage that originally sat on the land.  Continue along to a patio overlooking the pond.  You will find high and low bush blueberries, serviceberry, winterberry, rhododendron and Clethera growing alongside St.John’s Wort, lilac, camellia and hydrangea. Uneven, sloping terrain. Not suitable for wheelchairs or walkers. Directions:  From Route 6, Exit 10, south on 124, left at light onto Queen Anne Road.  1.3 miles take right onto John Joseph.  #176 on left.  From Route 39/Orleans Road, turn onto John Joseph Road (across from Thompson’s Field entrance) and follow almost to Queen Anne Road. 

227 South Street, Harwich
Tour benefiting Harwich Garden Club 

Listen to galloping horses across the way as you enjoy the light and airy farmyard garden of a c.1820 antique home.  This hidden barnyard reveals itself after passing pretty window boxes and deep blue hydrangea hedges.  A stunning post and beam barn preside over a garden edged with Roxanne Germanium and featuring echinacea, Russian Sage, and other perennials.  A lavender hedge reminiscent of the south of France and majestic grasses frame a place for sitting and enjoying the garden.  Raised vegetable beds lie beyond. Flat, but no paved surfaces.  Wheelchairs not recommended. Parking at Harwich Elementary School. Directions:  From Route 28 west of Harwich Port, turn north on 124/39 (Sisson Road), then left .3 onto South Street.  From Harwich Center, follow Great Western Road west and turn left on South Street. 

Cardinal Heaven, 155 Gilbert Lane, Harwich Port
Tour benefiting Harwich Garden Club   
Avid gardener/owners built their home abutting conservation land.  Seeing the potential for growing things, they tackled tangles of vines and bushes to create the many gardens you will see today.  Everything fits together like a tapestry…rock garden embankment, perennial beds, roses, hydrangeas, succulents and herbs.  Wildlife feasts on the bounty; cardinals abound. The vegetable garden produces everything from asparagus to pumpkins, and don’t miss the raspberry patch and blueberry enclosure.  A pine grove beckons family fun.  Stroll among shade-loving plants tucked behind the house.  Rest under the grape arbor to take it all in.
Level, but unpaved ground.  Wheelchairs not recommended. From Route 28 west of Harwich Port, turn. North on 124/39 (Sisson Road).  Just after passing Mooncussers, turn right on Gilbert Lane.  From Route 6, Exit 10, follow 124 to Harwich Center.  Take a right and then a quick left onto Sisson Road.  2nd left is Gilbert Lane.

9 Vineyard Lane, Harwich
Tour benefiting Harwich Garden Club
Tucked away on a pretty residential street overlooking the Cape Cod Rail Trail, this compact property has been planted and tended with care over 23 years.  Five or more varieties of over 40 hydrangeas frame the house and deck.  Nikos and Lace Caps predominate.  A perennial garden adds to the display.  The owner attributes her love of flowers to her mother ’s life of gardening in the employment of others and bringing her young daughter along to help.  Come meet the gardeners as well as their artist neighbor and enjoy the birds and the blue.  Level grass.  No hard surface.  Only short distances.
Directions: From Harwich Center head west on Great Western Road (toward Dennis).  Turn right .9 miles onto Lothrop Avenue.  Caution crossing the bike path just after the turn.  Vineyard Lane is a short distance on right.  Vineyard Lane exits onto Main Street. 

OUDEMOOL RESIDENCE, 148 Kendrick Road, East Harwich
Tour benefiting Harwich Garden Club
This one acre garden is a labor of love between a Barnstable County trained Master Gardener and her husband.  They have sculpted a scrubby woodlot into various garden rooms that showcase native shrubs, perennials and interesting young trees.  The newest area is a woodland garden with many spring ephemerals.  Directions:  From Route 6, take Exit 11.  At end of ramp turn left onto 137. Almost immediately turn left onto Pleasant Bay Road.  Cross Route 39 at Stop sign.  Where road forks, bear right and then take immediate right onto Kendrick Road.


Thompson’s Field, Chatham Road   Town of Harwich Conversation Land
Visit a native plant garden in progress.  Beginning from scratch in 2016 a team of Harwich Garden Club members has labored to create this display of shrubs, ground covers and wildflowers at the Chatham Road entrance to Thompson’s Field.  Designed to attract pollinators and in produce homeowners to the native plant options available, we hope gardeners will be inspired to try more natives.  The garden is open to the public, no fee and easily accessible. Directions:  Located on Chatham Road, Harwich .7 miles from either Route 39/Orleans Road or Route 28 (Dave’s Garage on corner).


Harwich Community Gardens -  located on Sisson Road (also Route 124 and 39) between Route 28 and Harwich Center.  The gardens are just north of Star Market.  Look for entrance sign.   You are welcome to stroll along the unpaved paths between the plots to observe the variety of plants being grown by Harwich residents.  Open to the public, no fee.  Please be respectful of the gardens. 


The Bowker Horticultural Society, 151 Old County Rd, East Sandwich

Tour benefiting Master Gardener Association of Cape Cod
Mary and Roger Bowker, both Master Gardeners, purchased their historic former dairy farm in 2001 and have spent the last 18 years rescuing 15 acres from invasive plants. On four acres, they have created garden rooms around a gazebo and pergola dotted with hydrangeas and statuary, a formal herb garden, an orchard and serene landscapes. They enjoy their extensive vegetable patch where he, an avowed carnivore and she, an enthusiastic aficionado of all things green and edible, happily work side by side, hoes in hand, experimenting with fruits and vegetables. Master Gardener Tip Talks at 11 AM and 2 PM Reclaiming our Yard from Invasive Plants.
Garden Directions: From Route 6 take Exit #4. Go North on Chase Rd to second left (Old County Rd). 151 Will be on your right. Parking Instructions: Parking in driveway for 6 or 7 cars. Roadside parking available.
Garden Accessibility: Discretionary


The Fornari Gardens @ Lawrence Pond, 2 Lawrence Pond Lane, Sandwich
Tour benefiting Master Gardener Association of Cape Cod
If you love flowers, vegetables and a range of unusual trees and shrubs, you’ll be entranced with the Fornari gardens. See a solar-heated seed-starting shed, abundant use of color, magical stump plantings and container annuals. Discover cutting garden plants, reliable vegetables and creative use of arbors and fences. See the deck where the book, The Cocktail Hour Garden was conceived and learn about new annual and perennial plants.  . Master Gardener Tip Talks at 11 AM and 2 PM Structures and Hardscape in the Garden. Directions: From Race Lane go west until it turns into Farmersville. Pass Great Hill Rd on right and turn right onto Stowe Rd by large Camp Lyndon Sign. Lawrence Pond Lane is an immediate right, but parking is on Stowe Road. Parking Instructions: Lawrence Pond Lane is a small cul-de-sac with very limited parking. Most parking will be on Stowe Road.  Garden Accessibility: Difficult


Mal and Mary Kay Condon’s Garden, 181 Thacher Shore Road, Yarmouth Port
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hydrangea Society

The Condon’s were serious commercial hydrangea propagators and growers for 40 years and this is a very hydrangea-centric site. They purchased their Yarmouth Port property early in 2014 and have planted over 250 hydrangeas on the property. H.macrophylla is the dominant species with H. paniculata, H.quercifolia, and more recently a number of H.serrata plants have been added to the mix. The Condon’s are also serious veggie growers utilizing raised beds to produce a wide range of favorites. Fruit is in the mix too – berries and figs (always hopeful), and a new orchard of peaches and plums is developing nicely. Mal ‘The Hydrangea Guy’ and Mary Kay will be giving “Summer Pinch Pruning Demonstrations” at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. This is an optional summer-time pruning technique for H. macrophyllas. Best done in July, this exercise creates a fuller plant, checks plant height, and best of all, increases the potential for more blooming the following summer. Be sure to note the start times; each session will last about 45 minutes. Parking is good but the street is narrow; please park on the south side of the road, along the conservation property.


Linda Coven’s Garden, 121 Camp Street, Unit 106, West Yarmouth
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hydrangea Society

This garden is a superb example of a small property landscape. Giving up your big family home may be easy but giving up your big garden of your treasured well-loved plants collected over many years may be more difficult.  Come view a concise free-standing Master Gardener’s condominium garden.  Fulfilling a 17-year dream to move to Cape Cod, this only 3 year- old garden is a hydrangea lover’s dream as this very dedicated gardener continues to expand her hydrangea collection to now 75+ distinctive cultivars of this quintessential woody ornamental genus of the Cape. Linda’s garden is an easy 3 miles from the Condon’s via 6a West and then South on Willow Street. Unit 106 at Mill Village is on the left approx. 300 yards in from the entrance. Parking is reasonable and will be marked and assisted via the docent team.