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Sandwich Garden Club Tours

July 11, 2020
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    • Dates: July 11, 2020
    • Location: Sandwich and Mashpee
    • Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

     The proceeds from the garden tours will benefit the Sandwich Garden Club. Admission:$5 per garden. Rain or Shine.

    Garden #1 The Jeweled Garden, Sandwich
    Magnificent native tupelos, maples, and mature rhododendrons form a ring around this corner property. A large, circular perennial garden offers blooms from May through October, with many native plants, pollinator plants and a variety of lilies. Along the street there is a long shade garden featuring many varieties of large Hosta. Rock wall crevices are filled with an assortment of shade and sun loving annuals.  Blue Hydrangeas and other shrubs surround the house and ground cover plants reduce maintenance chores and add interest. Accessible. No dogs allowed. Topic Talk: Composting 1-2-3


    Garden #2 The Bowker Horticultural Society, East Sandwich
    Mary and Roger Bowker, both Master Gardeners, purchased their historic former dairy farm in 2001 and have spent the last 19 years rescuing 15 acres from invasive plants.  On four acres they have created a serene landscape of garden rooms around a gazebo and pergola, dotted with statuary and many hydrangeas, a formal herb garden and an orchard. They also enjoy their extensive vegetable patch where he, an avowed carnivore and she, an enthusiastic grower of all things green and edible, happily work side by side. Dogs allowed on leashes only. Accessible. Topic of Talk: How Do I Turn My Hydrangeas Blue?


    Garden #3 Renovation Garden: Taming the wildness, East Sandwich
    Gardeners enjoy a challenge, and a challenge we have. Our garden abuts Scorton Creek Marsh and the first 100 feet abutting the marsh is governed by conservation rules and regulations with which we had to become familiar.  We began by controlling the many invasives on the property and creating a compost pile. Pruning and attention to 15 hydrangeas, many azaleas and rhododendrons proved encouraging.  Continued attention to invasives, saving the native lady slippers, and nurturing the soil made huge improvements.  Come and enjoy the results of our labors. Dogs allowed on leashes only. Discretionary: Uneven land, soft ground, or sets of stairs.
    Topic of Talk: Invasives


    Garden #4 My Hillside Garden, Mashpee
    The most interesting part of the garden is on the hill in the back of the house.  The hill is divided by a water fall in the middle of the garden.  Each side is planted with a variety of perennials, evergreens and a flowering tree.  A Kousa Dogwood is on one side and a Black Gum is on the other side.  A variety of small Junipers as well as flowering perennials cover the hill side.  One of the corner beds is made up of Roses and the other is planted with mostly a collection of Sedums as well as a number of Heathers.  The garden continues on both sides of the house with a variety of perennials including Astilbes, Hostas and Heucheras.  Leading down to the street you see a variety of Hydrangeas.Dogs allowed on a leash only. Accessible: Flat land, hard ground, stone or paved walkways.  Wheelchair or walker friendly. Topic of Talk: Perennials for Cape Cod


    Garden #5 Perennial Delights, Sandwich
    The drive is bounded on both sides by perennial gardens leading up to the shade of the covered farmer's porch.  These gardens consist of a variety of daylilies, iris, peonies, cat mint, various pots of annuals and several hydrangea that anchor the design.  Hosta and astilbe plantings lead to raised bed vegetable gardens found to the side and behind the garage.  Pink Sheffield daisies, Rosa Rugosa and climbing hydrangea grow at the base of a large glacial boulder.  New this year is a dahlia garden to the side of the porch.  Also on the property are several varieties of blooming shrubs such as magnolia, lilac, spirea, Rose of Sharon , holly, rhododendron and azalea, all of which bloom at various times during the season and provide a changing palette of color to the garden. No dogs allowed. Discretionary: Uneven land, soft ground, or sets of stairs. Proper judgment is advised.
    Topic of Talk: Daylilies for Dry Cape Cod Summers