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Nature Screen presents "It's a Wild Christmas"

Dates vary between December 7, 2023 - December 21, 2023
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    Nature Screen at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster presents It’s a Wild Christmas, Thursdays, December 7 & 21, 2023 at 11:30am. Written and Produced by Susanne Lummer; Executive Producer: Sabine Holzer.

    Wintertime, high up north. Glittering frost covers the ground; drifting snowflakes fill the air. It’s a time to rest, save energy, and take life slow, for humans, animals, and plants. Or is it?

    Wintertime in Earth’s northern hemisphere simply means one thing-it’s summer in the southern half of our planet. In the north, surviving Christmas requires special skills, skills that dall sheep, snow hares, and bison have mastered. And Christmas time brings new family additions! In Canada, a grey jay has made its nest in the icy cold, while other animals still hibernate or flee to warmer, more southern regions, these birds make clever use of local conditions.

    Far away in the south, one of the last stops before the Antarctic, a little island covered in glaciers lies South Georgia. Around Christmas this is a summer paradise for some two million

    King penguins. It is their most important breeding ground and soon, chicks will be everywhere. For Christmas dinner, cold fresh fish pulp is served!

    Colorfully decorated trees are a popular way to celebrate Christmas around the globe. But on the Great Barrier Reef, a very special type of animal takes on the role: the Christmas tree worm! At home amidst the beautiful hues of the coral reef, this worm adds yet another flamboyant splash of color with its feather-like tentacles shaped like Christmas trees.

    In this spectacular film, from Alaska to the tropics, all nature celebrates life on a wild, silent Christmas night.

    Included with Museum Admission

    For more information please call: 508-896-3867, ext. 133

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    Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

    869 Route 6A, Brewster, MA 02631