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Inspired Cocktail Wednesdays

  • 297 Shore Road, Chatham, MA 02633
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    Each week beginning in January 2021, we will launch a new weekly specialty cocktail paired perfectly with a snack prepared by our culinary team. Join us on the Wednesday of each week and when you order your specialty cocktail, the culinary snack pairing will be complimentary. The weekly specialty cocktail and paired culinary snack will be on the menu each Wednesday through Saturday at the STARS Mixology Lounge. Our team will also share the history of the cocktail and the reason for the pairing of that particular snack. As an example - the Prince of Wales is said to be an adaptation of the Prince of Wales’ Riff on the improved whiskey cocktail after his historic trip to North America (first every Royal Family member to visit North America). Our chefs will pair the cocktail with the traditional Welch Rarebit because the acidity of the champagne and pineapple can cut through the cheese of the rarebit and the spicy notes of the Rittenhouse Rye play well with the mustard in the rarebit.




      • Week of January 6 - Rye Whiskey


      • Week of January 13 - Gin


      • Week of January 20 - Cordials (note: location for this week will be Sacred Cod Tavern)


      • Week of January 27 - Amaro


      • Week of February 3 - Rum


      • Week of February 10 - Cordials


      • Week of February 17 - Japanese Whisky


      • Week of February 24 - Fernet


      • Week of March 3 - Vodka


      • Week of March 10 - Apertif


      • Week of March 17- Irish Whiskey


      • Week of March 24- Tequila


      • Week of March 31- Cordials


      • Week of April 7- Bourbon Whiskey


    • Week of April 14 - Grappa

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    Chatham Bars Inn

    297 Shore Road, Chatham, MA 02633