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Garden Tours to Benefit Sturgis Library

July 10, 2021
  • Details
    • Dates: July 10, 2021
    • Location: Barnstable, MA
    • Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    The proceeds from the garden tours will benefit the Sturgis Library.  Admission:$5 per garden. Rain or Shine.

    Garden#1 Locust Lane, Barnstable
    Bought by Wayne’s parents in 1939, this property near the end of Locust Lane backs onto preservation land [the Lowell Family Trust], which provides a lovely background of wild holly trees mixed with semi-wilderness.  The original cottage was torn down and replaced by the current house, which Pat has surrounded with beds of daylilies, geraniums, a mix of annuals and perennials, birdbaths and many birdhouses collected from all over the country, with the names of their 9 grandchildren on them.  There are buoys found on Cape beaches after storms, and near the climbing hydrangea, two charming ‘sculpture’ trees holding colorful glass bottles—one manmade, the other a fruit-bearing fig!  More than a glimpse of the seasonal village and lighthouse at Sandy Neck’s Point can be seen from the front yard, year-round. Open for Tours: July 10 & July 12

    Garden #2  Rendezvous Lane, Barnstable
    The Watsons moved from the end of the lane to this classic old Cape in 2018, and lost no time upgrading long-neglected borders around the building, starting with erecting a stone wall in front which encloses a mix of herbs and perennials.  More herbs are clustered outside the kitchen, and the front door has been framed by trellises bearing beautiful tangerine climbing roses.  There are numerous plantings of hydrangeas, including Oakleaf Snow Queen along the house, and lace-cap fronting the entrance path.  More hydrangeas are found along the NE fence, as well as a row of alternating pink and white Rosa Rugosa.  An extensive vegetable garden lies beyond the artemisia-lined barn/guesthouse [note the birdhouse under the eaves], and a small meadow with seasonal pond contains more birdhouses where a bluebird was just sighted!  Coyotes, fishers, deer and turkeys are a familiar sight, and check for the red-tailed hawk’s nest in the high tree to the north. Open for Tours: July 10 & July 12

    Garden #3  Cummaquid Heights, Cummaquid
    Reached via the Cummaquid Golf Club entrance, the Berlandis’ house and lawn are surrounded by numerous hydrangeas, while climbing hydrangeas cover the white lattice surrounding the pot-adorned stone patio.  The display of Hydrangeas is augmented by climbing roses and a full assortment of acid-lovers such as azaleas, rhododendron, andromeda and holly.  In the beautifully laid-out garden beds, daylilies and multiple perennials abound, while the back lawn gains a great sense of deep green space from the adjacent 11th Fairway.  It is possible that as you explore the plantings behind the house, a golf ball may hop the split-rail fence! Open for Tours: July 10 & July 12