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Garden Tours to Benefit Osterville Village Library - July 12

July 12, 2024
  • Details
    • Dates: July 12, 2024
    • Location: Osterville

    The proceeds from the garden tours will benefit the Osterville Village Library. Admission: $5. Rain or Shine.

    #1 Blossoms in Bliss - Osterville
    Garden Brief Description: Experience the enchantment of this beautifully transformed garden at the renowned Hydrangea Fest, once a simple Cape Cod pine tree lot, now a breathtaking oasis of tranquility and color. Immerse yourself in serene outdoor spaces designed for relaxation and nature watching, where the gentle flutter of butterflies and the melodious songs of birds create a perfect backdrop. Wander through vibrant displays of azaleas, rhododendrons, and a spectacular variety of hydrangeas, complemented by a tapestry of old-fashioned, colorful perennials. The lush, meticulously manicured lawns invite you to envision joyful moments, while you lose yourself in a good book in your own slice of paradise. This garden isn't just a feast for the eyes—it's an inspiration for your own future retreat.
    Date(s) Open for tours: July 11 & 12.

    #2 Serenity Under the Trees - Maples and Hydrangeas - Osterville

    #3 Hidden Gem - Osterville
    Tucked far back from the road at the end of a long driveway, this Hidden Gem never fails to surprise and delight visitors! Greeting you upon arrival, a white picket fence lined with pink roses paired with catmint gives way to meandering lawn paths that guide you past perennial and shrub borders tucked alongside the woods. Fieldstone retaining walls create various levels and layers of interest, and a cozy bluestone patio hugs the house, bordered by perennials and annuals for season-long color. Close by is a lower sitting area surrounded by large, blue-leaved hostas and crowned by a young crape myrtle tree whose shade will soon create a welcoming oasis on warm summer days. The rear yard beckons with a dense border of Nikko Blue hydrangeas that screen a charming garden house and lower working gardens whose raised beds are filled with vegetables, herbs, and flowers for cutting. Nearby, tall ornamental grasses that sway in the breeze offer a glimpse of the mid-level crushed stone patio with sitting area and firepit. And cloaked with a sturdy climbing hydrangea, the outdoor shower at the back of the house is the perfect spot to wash your cares away at the end of a long day in the garden or at the beach. Date(s) Open for tours: July 12 & 13.

    #4 Hydrangea Bliss: A Coastal Garden Showcase - Osterville
    ***Open for tours: 10-3 PM
    This coastal classic planting of Nikko blue Hydrangeas spilling over onto the front lawn draws you down the street. Stone column entry plantings of soft yellow Knockout Roses, pale blue Russian Sage and Rozanne Geraniums lead you into the circular driveway where a flagpole is surrounded with Limelight Hydrangea's. Mixed in the front are mass plantings of Quickfire Hydrangea's, Russian Sage as well as Sedums and Lilly's. Along the front of the house more blue Hydrangeas and white Annabelle lncrediball Hydrangeas fill the beds. This area is underplanted with perennials such as Astilbe's, Hosta's and Rozanne geraniums to repeat and tie in the colors thus completing the look. Continuing around to the side and back of the house, several varieties of blue and Pink Hydrangeas pill over a white fence along the side driveway. The large sunny back yard is filled with mature Rhododendron's and more Hydrangea's. Large Buddleia in shades of blue and lavender attract pollinators and repeat the soft blue and white palette. A patio filled with large planters in complimenting colors soften the stone area and allows views of the gardens. Designed by Kara McGrath. Date(s) Open for tours: July 12 & 13. 

     #5 An Extraordinary Bayview Garden - Osterville
    Step into the stunning garden of this exquisite seaside home, where the splendid blue Nikko hydrangeas frame the front view and gracefully spill over elegant white fences. The vibrant backyard basks in the sunshine, featuring an array of Quick Fire and Limelight hydrangeas, complemented by periwinkle blue Buddleia bushes, fragrant Russian sage, delicate pink sedums, and cheerful white daisies—all designed to charm an array of pollinators. At the forefront, the garden showcases majestic Annabelle Incrediball hydrangeas and beautifully variegated hostas, set against a backdrop of striking Limelight and Quick Fire hydrangeas. Enjoy the mesmerizing dance of white whirling butterflies gaura among other radiant perennials encircling the flagpole. The entrance enchants with soft yellow Knockout roses and vibrant blue annuals, perfectly paired with charming stone walls and majestic white Stewartia trees, creating a sanctuary of natural beauty and serene elegance. Date(s) Open for tours: July 12 & 13.