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Garden Tours to Benefit Hyannis Public Library - July 8

July 8, 2023
  • Details
    • Dates: July 8, 2023
    • Location: Hyannis
    • Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    Garden#1 The House That Dad Built - Address: TBA
    Larry Rayment’s dad built this house.  The year was 1946 and as Larry Sr. was digging the foundation, the earth caved in and he was pinned in an avalanche of dirt and sand.  Luckily, the next door neighbor came to his rescue and pulled him out.  It was surely a saga of true grit. As the Rayment family settled in to their newly built home, they looked to the land surrounding it and what naturally followed was a plan to cultivate the soil and develop an organic landscape. Thus, the garden was born on the southeast side of the property. As a youngster, Larry joined in with hard work and resolve and the vegetable garden flourished. Their harvest was abundant.  So, Larry and his grandad set up a vegetable stand in front of their house on the side of Gosnold Street.   So it went during the summers of Larry’s childhood, vegetables aplenty and happy, friendly neighbors and customers. Now Larry and his wife, Sharon, own “The House That Dad Built” and oh how their gardens grow! Today, on the corner of Gosnold and Estey nestled behind a neatly trimmed privet hedge, a once young Larry is still playing in the dirt.  His magnificent garden stretches out like a masterpiece.  What used to be all vegetables has expanded into a mass of perennials and annuals with a smaller nod to the historic vegetable garden.  There was a time when Sharon joined Larry digging in the soil but what Sharon likes to do now is display several container gardens along the edge of their backyard deck.  And, oh by the way, while you’re admiring the immediate surroundings, take a look southward to enjoy the lovely view of the marshland and just beyond that, you can sneak a peek of the sparkling waters of Nantucket sound! Open: July 8 & July 10

    Garden #2 A Serene Retreat - Address: TBA
    Atop a little knoll sits a lovely home and serene garden retreat.  The owner has diligently toiled over the course of the last several years, and her labor of love is undeniably apparent in the array of attractive perennials and colorful annuals.  Gorgeous day lilies, pretty phlox, stunning hibiscus, magnificent hydrangeas, tufts of impatiens, and flourishing grape vines all give testimony to her painstaking planning and conscientious hard work. Birds chirp in the trees, water gurgles in the koi pond, and neighborhood children make their playful sounds in the distance.  All of this creates an ambience of serenity, peace, and tranquility.  Sacred statues, with arms outstretched, offer their protection and guidance across and within this charming family home. This industrious gardener, with her knees on the ground and her hands in the dirt, has lovingly created a sweet, happy sanctuary for her family, friends, and visitors alike.  This is a spot where one can relax and appreciate the sights, sounds, and scents of Mother Nature’s gifts. Open: July 8 & July 10


    Garden #3  It’s a Hot One!! - Address: TBA
    “Calling all gardeners and History buffs alike!”.  Not only is the landscape lush and lovely, but the home itself is a designer’s delight, not to mention the fact that it once served as Hyannis Port’s local firehouse. The building was erected in 1928, which makes it fairly young by Cape Cod standards. The Hyannis Fire District owned the station from 1941 until 2016 at which time it was sold to its present-day owners who converted the one-time fire house into their private residence. The skillful makeover is a testament to the years gone by in a perfect blend of preserving the past and enjoying the present.
    The owners have maintained the fire station “look” by installing a beautiful front window with the appearance of a garage door through which the by-gone fire truck pulled in and out.  A column of towering arbor vitae, in addition to various evergreens, offers a mixture of privacy and a peek into the kitchen area where the home owner casually prepares dinner.  A row of Limelight hydrangeas lines the front of the home just under the old-time sign indicating, “Station Closed”.  Along the side, the owners constructed a lengthy porch along which one can relax and take in the beauty of several Endless Summer hydrangeas planted below a lovely Red Maple tree. Upon turning the corner and entering the back yard, one will see an expanse of lush, green lawn, beautifully kept and maintained giving the impression of being tucked away in some faraway forest glen.  On the patio, surrounded by some gorgeously put-together planters, guests can stop to enjoy a sampling of lemonade and cookies.   While lingering there, one will be allowed to have a look-see into the former station’s interior where the fire truck was stored and the firemen slid down the still intact fire pole extending from the upper floor.  All in all, this property is a “hot one” for landscape lovers and aficionados of days gone by! Open: July 8 & July 10

    The proceeds from the garden tours will benefit the Hyannis Public Library.  Admission:$5 per garden. Rain or Shine.