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Garden Tours to Benefit Brewster Garden Club

July 15, 2020
  • Details
    • Dates: July 15, 2020
    • Location: Brewster, MA
    • Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    The proceeds from the garden tours will benefit the Garden Club of Brewster. Admission:$5 per garden. Rain or Shine

    #1 Gardens with Everything and More, 84 Spruce Run Drive, Brewster
    These gardens come into their own in the heat of the summer.  Stroll by the wildflower and pollinator garden. Look for mountain mint, common boneset, spotted beebalm, feverfew, daisies, agastache and wildflowers. Iridescent blue lacecap, Nikko blue, old fashioned Hills of Snow and Oakleaf hydrangeas fill out the bed. In front of the porch are a row of Endless summer-Bloomstruck hydrangeas with striking red stems. As you move to the backyard, the plants that love the sun and poor, sandy soil thrive. Blackeyed Susan, Coneflowers, Joe Pye Weed, Milkweeds, Santolina, Lavender, Nepeta Six Hills giant and Walkers Low, Russian sage, Goldenrod, Sedums, Agastache Rosie Posie, Anise and Blue Fortune, Jindai and Raydon’s aster are mixed in with Zebra grass, Karl Foerster, Little bluestem and annual Purple Fountain grasses. Also look for Tardiva and Limelight hydrangeas, Ninebark shrubs, and Blue Muffin Viburnum. Enjoy it all! Open for tours: July 14 & July 15

    #2 Behind the Scenes of an Organic Farm - Halcyon Farm, 3915 Main Street (Rte 6A), Brewster
    Look for a wondrous bank of white panicle hydrangeas on historic Old Kings Highway in East Brewster. Halcyon Farm is small-scale regenerative vegetable operation and farm stay B&B.  Founded by Lucas Dinwiddie in 2000, the land has been transformed into a fully operational market farm with an amazing array of vegetables and flowers. The property has been thoughtfully and deliberately laid out to maximize growing area while allowing B&B guests to feel relaxed, inspired and free to explore the farm.  We believe that healthy soils and food contribute to a healthier overall community.  Halcyon is a model for what is possible on small acreage and a daily reminder of the value of small farms and locally grown food.  Tour the farm with the owner, view the lovingly restored farmhouse, hear about Halcyon’s operational approach, and buy some of the fresh, organic, artisan produce. Open for tours: July 14 & July 15