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Falmouth Chorale: Oglesby House Garden Tour

July 10, 2021
  • Details
    • Dates: July 10, 2021
    • Location: North Falmouth
    • Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    The Oglesby House Garden began in 2003 with clearing of overgrowth. Goshen stone patios and walkways were laid in 2004. The garden is anchored by specimen trees planted to suit the climate and the aesthetic: Katsura, Japanese Stewartia, Japanese Umbrella Pine, Japanese Maple, Seven Son Flower, Crabapple, Kousa Dogwood, Birch and Yoshino Cherry Herbaceous borders flow across the gentlesloping garden. Several varieties of hydrangea: macrophilla, lace cap, quercifolia, paniculate, petiolaris ground the beds and straddle the woodland edge. Other shrubs include viburnum, azalea, lilac, forsythia, weiglia, spirea, and rhodies. Roses, iris, dahlia, montbretia, lavender and Russian Sage take their turns blooming in the sunny beds while hosta, ferns and astilbe bring texture and color into the shade. The entrance to the lower garden is a large moon gate; a sculpture of St. Francis beckons on the back patio where there is a small fountain. There is comfortable garden seating allowing rest while walking the discretionary landscape.


    The proceeds from the garden tours will benefit the Falmouth Chorale. Admission: $5. Rain or Shine. The garden is open for tours July 10  &  14.