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"Creative Gardens of the Outer Cape" - benefitting the Eastham Public Library

July 12, 2022
  • Details
    • Dates: July 12, 2022
    • Location: Eastham
    • Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    Eastham is once again hosting one of the most popular garden tours of Hydrangea Fest. This tour is literally a breath of fresh air after a long winter. We have five fabulous gardens for you and continue with the chance to play our ‘Garden Quest’- a bonus available to all who purchase the Tour Ticket. This includes a drawing to win a prize hydrangea for those who participate in the Quest. Information will be on your ticket.

    We are a modest community with huge amounts of colorful creativity. As in prior years, these amazing gardens are designed and maintained by the owners and they show how you can create a magic space which will become so much more than you ever imagined. This year we decided to feature a garden that is just one year old and two others which are three years old to demonstrate what is possible in a very short time. If you have recently moved or want quick results in expanding your current garden, we have ideas for you. In addition to the lovely gardens, you will find many extras on the tour. Homeowners, Master Gardeners and volunteers will be in the gardens to answer questions. Volunteers will talk about native species which are especially important as they are hardier and attract the most diverse species of wildlife including bees, birds and butterflies. And, of course, there will be plein air painters. The gardeners will show you what is possible with a little imagination and a wheelbarrow. And, by the way, garden tours are a nice way to introduce your children to nature and they will be admitted free.

    Garden #1 “Marsh View”
    This garden was the crowd favorite last year and returns because no one could get enough of it. There is so much creativity packed into every corner. Hand painted signs will make you chuckle. Wander paths under arbors and through multiple gates into distinctly different areas. The owner has used ‘found objects’, fences, pieces of old architecture and a ladder in original and whimsical ways. The entire layout, with several small sheds, creates the feel of a tiny village. You may find music here as well as many creative ideas to make your own property more intriguing.

    Garden #2 “Donelle’s Seaside Garden”
    Three years ago, this was a wooded lot but today you will roam many outdoor rooms that are brilliant. Set between Rock Harbor Marsh and Cape Cod Bay, this garden offers something for everyone. Begin with one of the oldest oak trees in Eastham sheltering a whimsical water feature. Move to a small fruit orchard surrounded by Hosta, hydrangea and dogwood. Find the peaceful Memory Garden with cast iron furniture, evergreens and Japanese maples. The vegetable garden, itself, is inspiring with large raised beds. End at the gazebo with stunning grasses and ornamental trees. The owner, a Master Gardener, will be on-hand to answer your questions and share her inspiration.

    Garden #3 “Planting for Pollinators”
    Two years ago, these owners acquired a home with a lovely, mature landscape, but wanted a more native garden to encourage pollinators. Within the first year, and with quite a few Zoom courses (Oudoulf, Tallamy, Native Plant Trust) under their belts, they began tearing out the Leland Cypress, Bradford Pear and a large swath of lawn. Phase one is a large border of native grasses and pollinator plants, raised beds for vegetables and a handy garden shed. Extra points if you find a constellation on a stem. It is Allium Schubertii, one of the most exotic flowers ever.

    Garden #4 “Gardening for Body and Soul”
    This small garden is an explosion of colors and tastes. It began just three years ago from overgrown bittersweet and poison ivy to became a literal oasis for insects, critters, veggies, berries and flowers. While you think that you can see everything from the road, you actually have no idea what can be found here until you chat with the owners. You will learn about Hügelkultur (German for “hill culture“) using logs, branches, leaves and composted soil to achieve optimal drainage, increased sustainability and ultimately, a garden that achieves amazing crop diversity, resilience, and natural productivity seldom seen on Cape Cod.

    Garden #5 “A Day at the Pool”
    We first featured this garden in 2017 with no idea how it would evolve. It was stunning then and magnificent now. The entry plantings at the gate are beautiful so you know that inside will be extraordinary. Huge urns with tall trees and plantings surrounding the pool which became the centerpiece of this garden but the surrounding gardens steal the show with a large bank of pachysandra and paths through hydrangea, daisies, lilies, dappled willow, and other perennials. Starting with an overgrown, featureless landscape in 2012, these gardeners have created paradise. Live here and you would never want to go anywhere else.