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"Creative Gardens of the Outer Cape" - benefitting the Eastham Public Library

July 13, 2021
  • Details
    • Dates: July 13, 2021
    • Location: Eastham, MA
    • Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    2021 arrives with Eastham hosting one of the most exciting garden tours on Cape Cod.  We are excited for the opportunity to welcome you back after a challenging year.  This tour is literally a breath of fresh air after a year of pandemic.  We continue with a Mystery Garden as well as the chance to play our ‘Garden Quest’- bonuses available to all who purchase the $25 Tour Ticket.  We will also have a drawing to win a prize hydrangea plant for those who participate in the “Garden Quest”.  Information will be on your ticket. 

    We are a modest community with huge amounts of colorful creativity.  As in prior years, these amazing gardens are designed and maintained by the owners and students and they show how you can create a magic space which will become so much more than you ever imagined.    Each garden includes ideas that can be executed in your own yard.  One large garden was built especially for teaching. In addition to the lovely gardens, you will find many extras on the tour.  Homeowners, teachers and volunteers will be sitting in the gardens to answer your questions.  Volunteers will talk about native species which are especially important as they are hardier and attract the most diverse species of wildlife including bees, birds and butterflies.  An expert on hybridizing and growing daylilies will help you learn how to do it. There will be a well-known birder in one and an ice cream truck in another.  And, of course, there will be plein air painters in every one with a wet paint sale to follow. The gardeners will show you what is possible with an imagination and a wheelbarrow. And, by the way, garden tours are a nice way to introduce your children to nature and they will be admitted free.  They will love the “Garden Quest” which is like a treasure hunt.

    Garden # 1 “At Last”
    This garden has one of the best collections of grasses we have found.  These tall, plumed specimens create a feeling of peace and constant, gentle movement that changes from the summer into fall and winter when they attract winter birds seeking seeds and protection.  The garden was designed to be enjoyed from the paths winding through the yard as well as from inside the home as well.   While large trees are difficult to find on Cape Cod, this garden combines some very old specimens with the perennial grasses.  If you have never planted grasses, you will certainly want to try after seeing this wonderful garden.

    Garden # 2 “That’s Saul”
    This owner took several big challenges and created a thriving space.  This property slopes directly into wetlands and, if you have ever wondered how to create a garden on the edge of totally wild territory, this is the place to visit.  They also had a large disruption when a new septic field was constructed.  The owners have taken these challenges and found great solutions.  Look for the rejuvenated Red Maple that was originally eaten to the ground by marsh critters.  And we continue the Eastham tradition of presenting another fabulous outdoor shower that you may want to imitate.

    Garden # 3 “Marsh View”
    We were just amazed when we walked through this exciting garden.  There is so much creativity packed into every corner.  The owner has used ‘found objects’, signs and pieces of old architecture in original ways that will make you smile when you come upon them. You will see how they have created different rooms, connecting everything with paths that wander.  You will find techniques to make your property feel much larger than it actually may be.

    Gaden # 4 “When the Flowers Take Charge!”

    We have never seen anything like this garden.  While some of us try to coax a flower to grow and watch divided plants struggle to take hold, this gardener has found flowers and vegetables that just take over and create an explosion of color, scent and texture everywhere you look.  It has a wild, natural look that takes years to create.  A perfectly situated sunroom gives access to this fabulous space year-round. By encouraging just the right plants in just the right places, the result is an overflowing riot of vibrant colors that you will want to imitate in your own garden.


    Garden # 5 “Growing Food in a Circle of Beauty”
    The Nauset Food and Research Garden, located behind the High School, is huge in many ways.  This garden provides opportunities to learn about ecology, nutrition, horticulture and all-round Earth Care, celebrating the genetic diversity of crops from around the world -- from Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Nepal. Learn about the traditional Native American association of corn, squash, and beans, and the development of modern corn varieties that respect the "spirit" of corn. A laboratory for scientific questioning, this garden produces organic produce for local pantries while demonstrating various approaches to ecological farming. Connect to Earth's beauty, and the secrets of soil. Students and volunteers will answer your questions as you explore the circular garden and learn about intriguing and evolving experiments.


    Garden # 6 “Mystery Garden: Made in the Shade”
    This ‘Mystery Garden’ will be identified for all who buy the $25 Eastham Garden Tour ticket.  This was voted a favorite by past participants and we are bringing it back.  Start your visit with the hydrangea walkway where the Kousa dogwood, hydrangeas and high bush cranberry shade the way.  Enjoy the Hosta and astilbe in the shade gardens. Then take some time to investigate the perennials and the dahlias and stop to visit the eclectic experimental gardening area.  Finally, walk down to the pond and rest in the cool shade and watch the various birds and ducks that frequently visit.