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Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest Garden Tours: Saturday, July 9, 2022


The Hillcrest Bed and Breakfast - 70 Gosnold St, Hyannis
Tour benefitting Hyannis Public Library

Back in the day when the Old Colony Railway extended down present-day Old Colony Road in Hyannis and ended at the wharf in Nantucket Sound, travelers were always in need of a place to stay.  In the early 1900s, Mrs. Walley of the Hillcrest accommodated those folks by serving meals and renting rooms. Together, with her husband, daughter, and grandson, the family operated a comfortable and homey guest house.  Fast forward to the summer of 2022.  David and Linda Bennett, current owners and innkeepers are privileged to keep Mrs. Walley’s legacy alive.  For the past 17 years, David and Linda have welcomed guests into their charming 3-bedroom inn, often described by visitors as “a home away from home.”  The grounds are a work in progress.  Linda has diligently crafted a landscape of beauty, serenity, and relaxation. Come and walk around the property.  You’ll see a dozen gorgeous hydrangeas, beach grass, lilies, colorful impatiens, assorted perennials, and annuals.  Have a seat under the gazebo while enjoying a glass of iced tea and a delicious scone for which Linda is becoming increasingly famous! Open for tours: July 9 & July 11.
  all along Walley Ct.  extending around the corner (neighbors and DPW notified!) and/or along the front of the property on Gosnold St.  If you are heading to the garden at 121 Gosnold Street, you may leave your car and walk.

The House That Dad Built - 121 Gosnold St., Hyannis
Tour benefitting Hyannis Public Library

Larry Rayment’s dad built this house.  The year was 1946 and as Larry Sr. was digging the foundation, the earth caved in, and he was pinned in an avalanche of dirt and sand.  Luckily, the next-door neighbor came to his rescue and pulled him out.  It was surely a saga of true grit. As the Rayment family settled into their newly built home, they looked to the land surrounding it and what naturally followed was a plan to cultivate the soil and develop an organic landscape. Thus, the garden was born on the southeast side of the property. As a youngster, Larry joined in with hard work and resolve and the vegetable garden flourished. Their harvest was abundant.  So, Larry and his grandad set up a vegetable stand in front of their house on the side of Gosnold Street.  So, it went during the summers of Larry’s childhood, vegetables aplenty and happy, friendly neighbors and customers. Now Larry and his wife, Sharon, own “the house that Dad built” and oh how their gardens grow! Today, on the corner of Gosnold and Estey nestled behind a neatly trimmed privet hedge, a once young Larry is still playing in the dirt.  His magnificent garden stretches out like a masterpiece.  What used to be all vegetables has expanded into a mass of perennials and annuals with a smaller nod to the historic vegetable garden.  There was a time when Sharon joined Larry digging in the soil but what Sharon likes to do now is display several container gardens along the edge of their backyard deck.  And, oh by the way, while you’re admiring the immediate surroundings, take a look southward to enjoy the lovely view of the marshland and just beyond that, you can sneak a peek of the sparkling waters of Nantucket sound! Open for tours: July 9 & July 11. Parking:  along Estey on the right-hand side.  If you are heading to the garden at 70 Gosnold Street, you may leave your car and walk.

Eileen and Stan Elias Garden - 42 Packet Landing Way, West Barnstable
Tour benefitting Cape Cod Synagogue Ukraine Relief Fund
Marsh Located and Easy to Care Child-Supported Garden. Blue and White Hydrangeas support a garden developed for kids and easy maintenance. Garden includes perennials, annuals, decorative grasses, Rose of Sharon bushes, Blue Berry bushes, Rosa Rugosa plantings which align the garden's front perimeter, and 50+ year old lilac and rhododendron plants align with the garden's natural stone landscaping.  Canoe supports mixed vegetables and window boxes include mix of annuals and perennials. Open for Tours: Saturday, July 9 and Sunday, July 10.
Directions:  Mid Cape Highway and get off at Exit 65 (old Exit 5) (Route 149) and go three-quarters around the rotary so you are essentially making a left turn onto Route 149 North. Take this to the dead end and a blinker. Turn right onto Route 6A and the next left, after passing small shopping center and about 50 yards away, onto Packet Landing Way. Ours is the second house on the left, 42 (number on house front door and on PO Box), with a double garage and shell driveway.  Take Packet Landing slowly. The street is 1½ cars wide and last paved during the Coolidge administration. Parking: In addition to our driveway, can park on the street but please park only on the left side so that other cars can get past.

Norma Weinberg Garden - 82 Hayes Road, Centerville
Tour benefitting Cape Cod Synagogue Ukraine Relief Fund

You are invited to visit a cottage-type garden on Lake Wequaquet, Centerville, MA. Wequaquet is the second largest "great pond" on Cape Cod. (In Massachusetts a great pond is a lake or pond that that in its natural state is at least ten acres in size.)  Our Lake comprises 656 acres and over nine miles of shoreline!  Yes, we have several hydrangeas to enjoy. More… you will see a garden that has been designated by the Herb Society of America as a certified ‘Pollinator Garden.’ We have lots of native and heirloom plants and herbs, both culinary and remedy, to entice our birds, bees, hummingbirds and other important pollinators.  Norma Weinberg is past Chair of the New England Unit of the Herb Society of New England. (Steve is present Treasurer) Come join us! She is also a garden writer and speaker with info for you on how to grow your space using a ‘sustainable’ lens.  (Web site Rain date: Sunday, July 10
 Driving Directions: Turn on to Phinney’s Lane or Shoot Flying Hill Road, by way of Route #132 or Route #28. Then take a right (from Shoot Flying Hill) or left (from Phinney’s Lane) on to Great Marsh Road. Then turn north on to Hayes Road (it’s a left if you’ve come from Shoot Flying Hill, a right if you’ve come from Phinney’s Lane). #82 is on your right.  You may park in our semicircular driveway or if no room, along the left side of the woods on Hayes Road. (Be careful of possible poison ivy next to the woods!)

Maggie Crowley's Garden - 4181 Main Street, Cummaquid
Tour benefiting Sturgis Library

Bought from Bert French in 1994, Maggie Crowley's extensive historic property runs to 13 acres of mixed fields and woodlands, including Bert's apple and peach orchards, his blueberry trees and grass fields bordered on the south side by railroad tracks, and his aptly named No Bottom Pond.  Please avoid the latter!  Doing all her own work, Maggie has added extensive gardens, mixing vegetables with annual and perennial flower beds.  Despite a lack of hydrangeas, the gardens produce a riot of color in August, thanks in part of large clusters of crocosmia, scented lilies and giant dahlias, and there should be plenty to see in July.  Familiar to many passersby for its lengthy tree-lined approach, the house can just be seen from 6A, and this is your chance to see the hidden gardens to which that enticing drive leads.  Ample parking provided along the private drive; follow the signs. Open for Tours: July 9 & 11.

Martine Amundson's Garden - 59 Salten Point Road, Barnstable Village
Tour benefiting Sturgis Library
Enjoy a stroll through these abundant gardens, entirely recreated 5 years ago when the owners purchased the property.  Hundreds of cherished perennials and shrubs were brought from their Brewster home, now flourishing with a continued effort to amend the clay soil.  Both sun and shade gardens overflow with a variety of hydrangea, peonies, day lilies, hosta, foxglove, hibiscus, lobelia, salvia, lavender, gaura and roses, while tree lovers will note the coral bark maple and river birch trees.  A rose and dahlia garden and perennials wrap around the house, offering tranquil westerly views of Barnstable Harbor and Sandy Neck.  The owners added a spectacular stone patio with fireplace; note the boulders at the base of the fireplace--they were found on the property and moved to create the unique foundation.  Garden pots of vibrant annuals and stone statuary add to the garden's charm, and if you are lucky, you will see many of the pollinators--bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and songbirds--appreciating the planned habitat that happily invites and supports them. Park along the roadside, according to signage.  Open for Tours: July 9 & 11.

Bob and Jane Allen's Garden - 44 Rendezvous Lane, Barnstable Village
Tour benefiting Sturgis Library
Situated steps away from where militia of Barnstable County assembled to march to Boston for the Battle of Bunker Hill, this historic home (the Chamberlain Sprague House, ca. 1825) is surrounded by idyllic perennial gardens.  Harmonious waves of color move the visitor through the corner property, delighting everyone with typical Cape Cod plantings, a stone sculpture, a bird weathervane, birdbaths and many varieties of hostas and lilies. Circle behind the house to discover the hidden brick patio and its lily garden. Wander across the drive and discover the garden shed, complete with an antique colored glass window, a pergola and a swing.  And be sure to view the homeowner’s selection of clay artwork in the enclosed area behind the garage.  The gardens have been designed by the owner, a Master Gardener, to provide for continuous color from early spring into late fall.  This garden contains specimen paniculata and other varieties of hydrangeas, climbing vines and more. It is entirely the creation of its owners who with occasional help do the work themselves. It has been designed with the historic nature of the property and neighborhood in mind and may inspire you to new heights in your own garden masterpiece.  Please park along the right side of Rendezvous Lane as you enter; #44 is on the right of the first block of the lane.  Open for Tours: July 9 & 11.

Kerry and Bob Dyka's Garden - 30 Tally Ho Road, Barnstable Village
Tour benefiting Sturgis Library
Here, hydrangeas make a vibrant show--Little Limes, Bobos and Paniculata--along the house front and roadside, all plants Kerry propagated herself.  Bought 34 years ago, while still heavily wooded, the property has been cleared and transformed by its owners, who have introduced a collection of lovely burning bushes, twin holly trees, a birch and magnificent Japanese maple, along with a stand of white pine, all planted while each seedling was a mere several inches high.  A little rock garden marks the entrance, and a charming small barn and paddock, its fence framing more hydrangeas and a purple butterfly bush, show where, until recently, Kerry's collection of miniature horses reigned supreme. Ample parking along white pines, at front of property at the end of Tally Ho circle.  Open for Tours: July 9 & 11.

Italian Inspired Renaissance Garden - 64 Warren Street, Osterville
Tour benefiting Osterville Village Library

A touch of "Italian Inspired Renaissance" just off Seaview Avenue Osterville! You've just got to see the gardens surrounding a 50-foot lap pool, set in understated stone, flanked by potted begonias, hibiscus and evergreen. The refreshing oasis of water reflects the tasteful palette of color... absolutely breathtaking under a sunny sky. 2 Chinese Lions and a tranquil Buddha watch over this outdoor retreat that would be right at home along the Amalfi Coast.
Date(s) Open for tours: Saturday July 9th 10-3 PM and Sunday July 10th 10-3 (last visitors arrive at 3)
Garden Directions: Osterville take Wianno Ave to Sea View Ave. across from Wianno Club is Warren ave. Garden Parking: Street parking. Accessibility: Accessible: Discretionary: uneven land, soft ground, or sets of stairs.

Four Season, Layered and Sculptural Garden - 113 Pond Street, Osterville
Tour benefiting Osterville Village Library

California Designer, Dorrit Kingsbury, Creates Her Own Four Season, Layered and Sculptural Garden in Osterville.Designed to wow the senses with elegance and folly, this landscape invites both lively gatherings and peaceful respite. Using color as a sculptural element and evergreens for year-round definition and flair, the contrasting textures and forms feel luxurious yet accessible. Distinct focal points draw the viewer to visit the firepit shrouded by cherry trees, wind in and out of the hornbeam topiary arches, settle onto the bench at the end of a garden pathway, and savor the sunset from the newest garden destination at the front of the property. Open for Tours: JULY 9 AND 10 10 – 3 and Sunday 11-3 (last visitors arrive at 3)
GARDEN PARKING: Limited parking at the street and all the way down driveway. No lawn parking. Possible parking at the Methodist Church down the street. Accessibility: The front garden is accessible without using stairs. Stairs have railings. Wheelchair access is not really available except possibly to the front garden. Only walkways, pathways and stairways are accessible for the tour. Other areas will be gated and closed off.


Chapman’s Garden - 28 Sady’s Lane, E. Falmouth
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hydrangea Society

Change is a constant in life and in our garden. Reworking and redesigning our garden beds allows us the opportunity to add new hydrangeas and plants of all kinds. While archways and espaliers remain to anchor the garden there are dramatic changes in our plantings every year. A special feature for this year only is the addition of a tropical garden. This along with our latest venture of cultivated conifers in homemade containers add extra interest and surprise to your garden experience. Regardless of the scale of your garden and the depth of your experience be prepared to be inspired with practical ideas that you can take away and apply elsewhere. Our garden has been featured in Falmouth Living, Cape Cod Home, and Fine Gardening magazines. Open for Tours: Saturday, July 9 & Wednesday, July 13

Seasonally Evolving Garden Sanctuary - 95 Cairn Ridge Road, East Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Garden Club
Transformation of this Ballymeade blank-slate property began in 2014, with the goal of creating a garden that transitions with the seasons. Against a backdrop of conservation land and native species, you will find hardscaped stone paths, a patio deck and fountain, lattice trellises, various ornamental pieces and a flagpole to honor veteran owner and Marine.  Trees include a ginkgo, weeping Norway spruce, Japanese Snowball, Steward and 18 different Japanese Maples. Shrubs include Hydrangeas, Rhodedendrons, Fothergilla, Inkberry, dogwoods, Japanese cedar and Japanese Holly, many varieties of boxwood, andromeda aeuonuymus. Shade plants include hostas, astilbe, ferns, and grasses. Open for tours: Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9. 
Route 28 to 151 East toward Mashpee, right onto Falmouth Woods Road (Entrance to Ballymeade and Cape Club), right onto Cairn Ridge Road. Parking: Along Cairn Ridge Road.        Accessibility: Discretionary

Award-Winning, 360-Degree Gardens, 421 Wild Harbor Road, North Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Garden Club

This third-generation property features award-winning English-inspired front, side and back gardens, each with their own unique flavor and focus. The front yard's boxwood-bordered cottage garden has been featured in several garden magazines and overflows with roses, astilbes, feverfew, and primrose.  The side garden is home to a boat-house-turned-tiny-guest-cottage that is surrounded by woodland gardens, meandering paths and a cozy firepit and features hostas, ferns, smoke bush, heuchera, oakleaf and climbing hydrangea. The backyard kitchen garden provides beauty and bounty in the form of flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs. And to help with all this gardening is a honeybee hive - these busy ladies live just beyond the kitchen garden.  For more, follow designer on Instagram at gardenonthecape. Open for tours: Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9. Directions: Route 28 to Route 151 West toward Falmouth, straight onto County Road, left on Pine Street, left onto Old Main Road, right onto Wild Harbor Road. Parking: Opposite side of Wild Harbor Road from the house. Accessibility: Discretionary


Private Niche Designed for Entertaining and Wildlife, 819 West Falmouth Highway, West Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Garden Club
Tucked away off a main road, you would never know the house, which dates back to at least 1930, and its surrounding gardens were there. Designed with entertaining in mind, the property boasts a large fountain in front and hardscaping by Billy Bourne, with outdoor lighting and a firepit out back.  The current owners, who purchased the property three years ago, have been busy updating older plant stock with newer varietals and building shaded beds suited to their passion for reading and enjoying the wildlife that wanders by throughout the year. Plantings include a host of sedums, astilbe, rhodedendrons, along with climbing clematis and ivy. Open for tours: Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9.
Route 28 to Thomas Landers Road West. Left onto 28A/West.
Falmouth Highway. Parking:  At the top of extended one-way driveway Accessibility: Discretionary  

65 Willow Field Drive, North Falmouth
Tour benefiting People for Cats

Our garden is a quiet and a magical place. There are textured rooms and secret places of beauty. Multiple varieties of trees including Japanese Maples and Japanese Stewartias are among the many, many perennial beds. Two small ponds, two bird baths and a number of bird boxes help our feathered friends. There are viburnam, lilac,forsythia, spirea, several varieties of hydrangea, to name a few. And lots of day lilies, hostas and more. We have a number of raised garden beds as well I like to create with stone. So you will see numerous Stone walls, stone pathways, Standing Stones and a Native American Medicine Wheel helping to give Blessings to the World. There is a family of rabbits that live under the deck, probably 10 or more chip monks living in around the stone walls, the little green bull frog and the big garter snake also call this home. Occasionally, the deer come to visit as well. Open for Tours - July 9th and July 13th.


Pamela’s Garden - 27 Blue Rock Road, South Yarmouth
Tour benefiting
DY Band Parents Association
When you visit Pamela Phipps’ gardens you’ll see a plant-lover’s paradise. This landscape has evolved over time, but it started with a scraggly lawn. Pamela’s first decision was to have no lawn at all; those interested in a turf-free yard, will experience the diversity, and beauty that can be created. See a landscape that supports birds, bees and butterflies. Trees and shrubs that were chosen or “taken in” have become a foundation for borders and paths. Hydrangeas and perennials are abundant, along with selected annuals. Experience how much flower power can be achieved on a third of an acre. Although Pamela is a professional gardener, this is a real person’s garden that will inspire and delight visitors. Note: An addition in 2021 meant changes. Landscaping decisions are not fully complete. Walkways are mostly woodchips. Accessibility: Discretionary - Mostly flat but a few steps and narrow paths. Directions: Blue Rock Road runs off of Great Western Road/N. Main Street just south of Route 6. From the mid-Cape highway take exit 8 and go South on Station Ave. and make a left onto White’s Path. At the end of Whites Path turn right onto Great Western/N. Main St. Take the 3rd left onto Angelo’s Rd. Left at end onto Blue Rock. Parking: Please, park on the north side of Blue Rock Road taking care not to block the neighbors’ driveways or mailboxes.

Jenk’s Shaded Hydrangea Gardens – 145 Captain Noyes Road, South Yarmouth
Tour Benefiting West Yarmouth Congregational Church

Welcome! Come and see how these gardens have evolved since the last tour in 2016. After the Jenks retired to this corner lot, they removed all the overgrown shrubs. Then they designed and installed ten new gardens which contain100+ hydrangea species including a relatively unusual pink climber. The gardens support hundreds of hostas, daylilies, ferns, perennials and dozens of ornamental grasses. “Before” and “after” property photos will be available. Joyce still maintains the gardens and will be on site to answer questions relating to plantings that better hold their color in the once sunny, now oak-shaded gardens.

All Gardens are Open 10AM-4PM Unless Otherwise Noted. Gardens are open only on the days listed. All Tours are Rain or Shine. Admission is $5 per Garden. Cash Only Day-Of at the Gardens. Event Admission May Vary.

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