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Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest Garden Tours: Thursday, July 15, 2021



St. Mary's Episcopal Church, 3055 Main St, Barnstable
Tour benefiting Hyannis Public Library

Conceived in 1946 by the Reverend Robert Wood Nicholson, the gardens at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church comprise a suite of lush and beautiful spaces. Among many features on the church grounds, you will find an herb garden, a cornucopia pool, the octagonal Lambert Garden, an orchard, an annual garden, memorial stones, walls containing the foundation stones of a tavern that was on the site long before the Church was built, and statuary. The parish has endeavored to keep the same feeling of an old English garden that Reverend Nicholson created, but the gardens also include plantings native to our region. Open for Tours: July 15 & July 16.


Woodland Haven, 166 Indian Trail, Barnstable  Open: 10 AM – 2 PM
Tour benefiting Whelden Memorial Library

Hidden behind a trellis banked in climbing hydrangeas is a garden where I have tried to create some beauty and peace for all. I hope some little surprises will bring a smile as well. This land is part of an area where the Cummaquid people gathered each summer for many years. I try to honor their presence and the presence of others by planting trees that have survived for many millions of years. Several varieties of dawn redwoods, gingkoes, larches, Japanese maples, and hollies are tucked in among native trees. Butterfly bushes, mock oranges, elderberries, coneflowers, and bee balms attract butterflies and birds through summer and fall. Best of all, over 150 varieties of daylilies and hostas are waiting for visitors. Open for Tours: July 15 & 17.



Ponds and Woodland Trails, 75 Willow Field Drive, North Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Garden Club

Established in 1990 and spread over more than an acre, this lovely garden includes a fishpond and woodland trails. It is heavily populated with rhododendrons, mountain laurels, and other spring blooming shrubs. Perennial beds near the house include day lilies, hydrangea, hosta, peony, lavender, and other herbs. Japanese maples are doted throughout the property. Open for tours: Wednesday, July 14 and Thursday, July 15. Directions: Route 151, left onto 28A, left onto Willow Field Drive. Parking: Along Willow Field Drive Accessibility: Discretionary


Gorgeous Naturalized Artists’ Retreat, 37 Arthur Street, North Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Garden Club

This expansive garden wraps around the entire property at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. Built in stages over years, the beautiful sloping property is the perfect way to highlight dimension and perspective in a garden, as you would expect from the artists who designed and maintain it. This garden also features garden sculptures and sanctuaries. Open for tours: Wednesday, July 14 and Thursday, July 15. Garden Directions: Route 28A to Curley Blvd, Left on Quaker Road to Arthur Street. Garden Parking:  Along Arthur Street. Accessibility: Discretionary


English Perennial Shade Garden, 5 Penny Royal Lane, East Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Garden Club

This expansive perennial garden was covered in trees when the owner purchased the property. She removed numerous trees and has created a sweeping perennial border, using both the sun and shade to guide plant selection and placement. Open for tours: Wednesday, July 14 and Thursday, July 15. Garden Directions: Route 28 to Sao Paulo Drive to Penny Royal Lane, enter through driveway. Garden Parking: Along Sao Paulo or Penny Royal Lane. Handicapped Accessibility: Accessible  


Charming in-town Setting with Loads of Personality and Features,  73 Allen Avenue, Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Garden Club

Located between downtown Falmouth and Falmouth Harbor, this in-town garden has it all. Show stopping curb appeal, cutting garden that highlights the owner’s love of dahlias, and numerous spaces dedicated to relaxing and entertaining. Plus, hydrangeas, hydrangeas, hydrangeas. Open for tours: Wednesday, July 14 and Thursday, July 15. Garden Directions: From Main Street, Falmouth, onto Scranton, right onto Queen Street, left onto Allen. Enter through driveway. Garden Parking: On street parking along Allen Avenue Garden. Garden Handicapped Accessibility: Accessible



The Bowker Horticultural Society Garden, 151 Old County Road, E. Sandwich
Tour benefiting Master Gardener Association of Cape Cod

Tip Talk Topic: Reclaiming your yard from invasive plants and enhancing your marriage through vegetable gardening. Mary and Roger Bowker, both Master Gardeners, purchased their historic former dairy farm in 2001 and have spent the last 19 years rescuing 15 acres from invasive plants. On four acres, they have created garden rooms around a gazebo and pergola dotted with hydrangeas and statuary. There is a formal herb garden, and orchard and serene landscapes. They enjoy their extensive vegetable patch where he, an avowed carnivore and she, and enthusiastic aficionado of all things green and edible, happily work side by side, hoes in hand, experimenting with fruits and vegetables.


Condon’s Garden, 181 Thacher Shore Road, Yarmouth Port
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hydrangea Society
The Condons were commercial hydrangea propagators and growers for 40 years and, as one might suspect, this is a very hydrangea-centric site. They continue to expand their ‘collections’ which now contain 300 plus hydrangeas in ground with additional container specimens to emphasis this growing technique. H. macrophylla is the dominantspecies, along with collections of H. paniculata and H. quercifolia cultivars. More recently a number of H. serrata and H. arborescens plants have beenadded to the mix. The Condons are also serious veggie growers utilizing raised beds to produce a wide range of favorites. Fruit is in the mix too – berries and figs (always hopeful), and a new orchard of peaches and plums is developing.  Mal ‘The Hydrangea Guy’ and Mary Kay will be giving “Summer Pinch Pruning Demonstrations” at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. This is an optional summertime pruning technique for H. macrophyllas. Best done in July, this exercise creates a fuller plant, checks plant height, and increases the potential for late season reblooming and stimulates additional stem and bud development for more blooming the following summer. Each session will last about 45 minutes. Parking is good but the street is narrow; please park on the south side of the road, along the conservation property. Open for Tours: Sunday, July 11 & Thursday, July 15


Carol Condon’s Garden, 85 Wharf Lane, Yarmouth Port
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hydrangea Society
This is a second-year tour of this ‘young’ Garden and the Cape Cod Hydrangea Society is delighted to have this small but very well planted landscape on our list. After purchasing and renovating the house in 2015, Carol took on the gardens in hand - creating stone walls, wood fencing, patio areas, a small veggie garden, and finally a new garage and driveway. Despite its size (just 9000 ft2), this garden is extensively planted and contains several complimentary genera – viburnum, roses, clematis, philadelphus, espalier fruit trees – and, as one might well expect, a generous collection of hydrangeas which includes all the major species. The fenced back garden is a lovely ‘All White’ blooming treat which is beautifully illuminated in the evenings. Carol’s home is only 0.8 miles west of Mal & Mary Kay Condon’s Garden (her parents) – just continue on Thacher Shore Road which merges into Wharf Lane 3 ‘doors’ before #85. Parking is ample and should be on the east (marsh) side of the road. Open for Tours: Sunday, July 11 & Thursday, July 15.


Rick Murray’s Garden, 72 Keveney Lane, Cummmaquid
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hydrangea Society

The 1.2 acre property features a stunning planting of 100 H,arborescens ‘Annabelle’ along its 150 foot north border. A variety of other hydrangeas including H.macrophylla, H.quercifolia, H.paniculata, and H.serrata lines the southern border.  A 60-foot berm in front of the property contains more than 50 varieties of hosta, fern and other shade-loving plants. A granite staircase and stone walkway from the driveway to the front entrance of the house is planted with a variety of dwarf conifers, creeping juniper, Japanese maples, a weeping Atlas cedar, a larch, various ground covers and other specimen plants. The back of the property is a park-like setting which features a variety of wind sculptures by Lyman Whitaker, whose work is represented in galleries throughout the U.S. and abroad. Parking is available along the road. Open for Tours: Sunday, July 11 & Thursday, July 15.

Staudenmayer Garden, 134 Water Street, Yarmouth Port
Tour benefiting Master Gardener Association of Cape Cod

Tip Talk Topic: Growing Iris, including Siberian, German, and Japanese Varieties. Longer in the front yard to enjoy views of CC Bay and Sandy Neck the backyard garden is planted with a diversity of Hydrangeas including varieties of Arborescens, Macrophylla, Paniculata, Serrata and Quercifolia. Companion plantings of shrubs and perennials support an extended bloom time.


Strictly Hydrangeas, 121 Camp St. Unit 106, W. Yarmouth
Tour benefiting Master Gardener Association of Cape Cod

Tip Talk Topic: “Pot-N-Pot” container gardening demonstration. An ever-expanding collection of hydrangeas, the quintessential Cape Cod woody ornamental, frame a small free-standing Master Gardener’s condominium. 225 hydrangeas take center stage in various garden beds. Patio and porches boast 25 containers using the “Pot-in-Pot” method with a dwarf hydrangea as the “thriller” along with various “fillers” and “spillers”. This garden is a hydrangea lover’s dream come true. Open for Tours: Monday, July 12th & Thursday, July 15th


Private garden tours are $5 per person per garden. You can pay cash at each garden on the day of the garden tour. Each garden is open from 10 am to 4 pm unless otherwise specified and only on the days specified.