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Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest Garden Tours: Tuesday, July 13, 2021



The 23rd Garden, 11 Water Street, Sandwich
Tour benefiting Whelden Memorial Library

The property was put together by the previous owners, The Finks, in 23 years, thus the name, The 23rd Garden. We bought the property three years ago and have maintained their hard work. In the front there is a Chinese Elm (Zelkova) which was given to them as a small bonsai. Many Cryptomeria (Japanese Cedar) line the property. A Koi Pond in the courtyard with Iris and waterlilies is enjoyed throughout the summer. The back yard has a cedar greenhouse which holds many orchids and Clivias. A variety of ferns may be found on the property as you enjoy the shade of many large Maple trees. Please, park on School Street or at The Hoxie House across the street. Garden Handicapped Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible with assistance.


Pollinator Garden--Honeybees and Hydrangeas, 119 North Pond Drive, Brewster
Tour benefiting Brewster Ponds Coalition

This sloping garden is as hardworking as it is beautiful. Combining conservation and aesthetic goals, owners Cal and Karen Mutti have nurtured a lush ecosystem among their several varieties of hydrangeas, and over a dozen other flowering plants, trees, and bushes - all selected because they provide pollen and nectar for butterflies, native and non-native bees, and birds.  Active members of the Brewster Ponds Coalition, the Muttis are also excited to share details of how their newly installed alternative septic system contributes to protecting the environment bordering on beautiful Blueberry Pond.  Two more bonuses await!  Complete your tour with a peek at Cal’s honey beehive, home to approximately 40,000 Italian honeybees. Then walk just 250 feet to the large neighborhood rain garden/stormwater filtration basin which helps prevent road runoff from polluting Blueberry Pond.  (Planned and jointly financed by a cooperative effort of 3 Brewster community organizations and completed in 2017). Open for tours: July 13th & July 14th. Directions: From RT 6A. Turn onto Millstone Road and follow for 1 mile. Right onto Lund Farm Way (Brewster Green/Millstone Village) and proceed for .4 miles.  At stop sign turn right for .1 mile.  Turn left onto North Pond Drive and go .2 of mile to #119, on the right.  From State Route 137, turn onto Millstone Road and proceed 1.5 miles.  Turn left onto Lund Farm Way.  Proceed for .4 miles.  At the stop sign turn right of .1 miles.  Turn left onto North Pond Drivel and go .2 miles to #119 on the right. Garden Parking:  On the street, very little traffic, plenty of room.  Accessibility: Discretionary & Difficult.  Good views and perspective from the street; rock ledge stairway, not wheelchair friendly. Walkers would work.  Discretion advised. DOGS DEFINITELY WELCOME!

Step into Eden, 900 Satucket Road, Brewster 
Tour benefiting Brewster Garden Club

…..on this six-acre estate located on Mill Pond in Brewster.  An English Garden inspired by the owners’ time abroad features climbing roses, a sea of alliums in spring, and a vibrant border in summer.  Walk down an allée of linden trees lined with foxglove leading to a custom stone bench.  From there you get a great view of the large pond teeming with fish, water lilies, and a multitude of aquatic and wetland plants.  Surrounding the pond, you will find a native pollinator border buzzing with life.  A gentle stream leads to a Japanese-inspired shaded path full of evergreens, miniature pines, maples, and miniature ginkgo.  A newly installed greenhouse surrounded by a large cutting garden provides color and fragrance, while a large vegetable garden produces bundles of delicious organic produce.  Shading the mossy ground and intricate stonework, the property’s mature trees are any plant lover's dream, rounding out a garden that begs to be explored. Open for tours: July 13th & July 14th.


Behind the Scenes of an Organic Farm - Halcyon Farm, 3915 Main Street (Rte 6A), Brewster  
Tour benefiting Brewster Garden Club
Look for a wondrous bank of white panicle hydrangeas on historic Old Kings Highway in East Brewster. Halcyon Farm is small-scale regenerative vegetable operation and farm stay B&B.  Founded by Lucas Dinwiddie in 2000, the land has been transformed into a fully operational market farm with an amazing array of vegetables and flowers. The property has been thoughtfully and deliberately laid out to maximize growing area while allowing B&B guests to feel relaxed, inspired, and free to explore the farm.  We believe that healthy soils and food contribute to a healthier overall community.  Halcyon is a model for what is possible on small acreage and a daily reminder of the value of small farms and locally grown food.  Tour the farm with the owner, view the lovingly restored farmhouse, hear about Halcyon’s operational approach, and buy some of the fresh, organic, artisan produce. Open for tours: July 13th & July 14th.


A Spectacle of Color, entrance 207 Foster Road / garden - 66 Chapel Lane, Brewster
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary- Orleans Branch

This garden was started in 1962 and demonstrates the creativity of 2 generations of women.  Roses, alstroemeria, lilies, and coneflowers predominate, but the garden contains over 100 varieties of flowers growing in beds and containers around the property. Orange is a favorite color, so you will see flowers that range in color from soft cantaloupe to blazing fire in many flowers, including canna, calla, oriental, and day lilies. Elephant ears and caladiums add interest add interest. A 40-foot swathe of cosmos covers the bed where hundreds of tulips bloomed in May. Hydrangeas, including blue lace caps and purple, pink and blue ball forms are tucked into the landscape. The garden also includes berries in a summer greenhouse. Smaller garden plots in 2 neighbors’ yards will also be included on the tour.  Unique crafts will be for sale at this location. Open for tours: July 13th & July 14th.
Garden Directions: 
From the Orleans/Brewster town line, head west on Rt. 6A for 3.1 miles. Turn right onto Foster Road and continue for .4 miles to 207 Foster Road on the left. 
Garden Parking: Parking will be available on one side of Foster Road. No parking on Chapel Lane. Accessible


The Historic Candleberry Inn’s Garden, 1882 Main St., Brewster
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary- Orleans Branch

Located on the Old King’s Highway in the center of Brewster, the Candleberry Inn dates back to the 1700’s and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It has been a house for lodgers since the 1940’s. The stately gardens and expansive lawns create a dramatic setting for this graceful Georgian edifice.  Amongst the variety of blooming perennials and lovely hydrangeas, the gardens feature both exotic and flowering trees, including holly, camellia, crape myrtle, weigela, and an incredible oversized sculpted boxwood. Open for tours: July 13th & July 14th. Garden Directions:  From the Orleans/Brewster town line, head west on Rt. 6A for 5.5 miles. The Brewster Baptist Church (parking)/ Candleberry Inn are on the left.  Garden Parking: Spaces will be available for parking at the Brewster Baptist Church, which is next to the Candleberry Inn. There will be a short walk on a flat surfaced sidewalk from the church to the opening in the hedge, where tickets will be sold. Some handicapped spaces at the church will be available. Accessibility: Discretionary


Chatham Bars Inn Farm, 3034 Main St., Brewster
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary- Orleans Branch

Originally a garden center in Brewster, this land was purchased by Chatham Bars Inn in 2013 to enhance the menu and create a farm-to-table dining experience for its guests.  The CBI Farm tour begins at the tomato greenhouses, where a large variety of tomatoes are meticulously grown. There are flowers galore on the property, both ornamental and edible, providing a natural balance for insects. You will delight in the beauty of sunflowers, snapdragons, dahlias, zinnias, hydrangea and more. Blueberries, herbs and many varieties of vegetables are cultivated and available for purchase at the farm stand.  The bounty is endless! Open for tours: July 13th & July 14th. Tours every half hour.
Garden Directions: From the Orleans/Brewster town line, head west on Rt. 6A for 2 miles. The CBI Farm is on the left. Garden Parking: Parking is to the right as you enter the Farm.
Accessibility: Discretionary


Boas Garden, 299 Landing Drive, Brewster
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hydrangea Society & Brewster Ponds Coalition

Welcome to Overledge overlooking Long Pond in Brewster.  This property features 100+ hydrangeas, including species arborescens, paniculata, quercifolia, anomala ssp. Petiolaris, and macrophylla.  Vegetables, fruits and herbs are planted in terraces on one side of the property in full sun.  A shade garden features hosta, ferns, sweet woodruff, and brunnera.   A steep bank leading down to the pond has been stabilized with native grasses and Carolina roses; and now gradually, New York asters, goldenrod, liatris, ironweed, and swamp milkweed are being introduced.  Mixed herbaceous as well as perennial and annual plantings ring the front yard and include mature hollies, rhododendron, viburnum, Kousa dogwood, Japanese maple, weigela, and spirea.  On July 13, Linda Coven, owner of Strictly Hydrangeas, who assists in the maintenance of this garden, will speak throughout the day on choosing the right hydrangeas for your garden. Garden Directions:  From Route 137 (Long Pond Road) in Brewster, turn onto Greenland Pond Road.  When Greenland Pond Road dead ends into Landing Drive, take a left on Landing Drive.  299 Landing Drive is the last house on the left.  (GPS directions for this garden are correct.) Ample parking at the bottom of the driveway. Garden Handicap Accessibility is difficult—steep driveway and stairs to vegetable garden terraces. Open for Tours: Tuesday, July 13 & Wednesday, July 14

Bill’s Holly Farm, 2081 Main Street, Brewster
Tour benefiting Master Gardeners Association of Cape Cod
Tip Talk Topic: Tips on growing hollies on Cape Cod and Southern New England. 
The Master Gardener owner of this garden is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts’ Stockbridge School of Agriculture. He has a long career in horticulture and the cultivation of hollies. He is a member of the American Holly Society and a former president of the society in the early 2000’s. The one-acre property was a family farm that was handed down to owner from his father. This farm, home to nearly 400 cultivars of hollies, contains the largest collection holly plants on Cape Cod. Come, stroll down the grassy alley that runs through the property to view the hollies as well as hydrangeas, crape myrtles, magnolias, stewartias, and many other shrubs and perennials.


At Last, 82 Blue Heron Way, Eastham
Tour benefiting Eastham Public Library

This garden has one of the best collections of grasses we have found.  These tall, plumed specimens create a feeling of peace and constant, gentle movement that changes from the summer into fall and winter when they attract winter birds seeking seeds and protection.  The garden was designed to be enjoyed from the paths winding through the yard as well as from inside the home as well.   While large trees are difficult to find on Cape Cod, this garden combines some very old specimens with the perennial grasses.  If you have never planted grasses, you will certainly want to try after seeing this wonderful garden.

That’s Saul, 100 Blue Heron Way, Eastham
Tour benefiting Eastham Public Library
This owner took several big challenges and created a thriving space.  This property slopes directly into wetlands and, if you have ever wondered how to create a garden on the edge of totally wild territory, this is the place to visit.  They also had a large disruption when a new septic field was constructed.  The owners have taken these challenges and found great solutions.  Look for the rejuvenated Red Maple that was originally eaten to the ground by marsh critters.  And we continue the Eastham tradition of presenting another fabulous outdoor shower that you may want to imitate.

Marsh View, 120 Dyer Prince, Eastham
Tour benefiting Eastham Public Library
We were just amazed when we walked through this exciting garden.  There is so much creativity packed into every corner.  The owner has used ‘found objects’, signs and pieces of old architecture in original ways that will make you smile when you come upon them. You will see how they have created different rooms, connecting everything with paths that wander.  You will find techniques to make your property feel much larger than it actually may be.

When the Flowers Take Charge, 50 Wild Goose Lane, Eastham
Tour benefiting Eastham Public Library

We have never seen anything like this garden.  While some of us try to coax a flower to grow and watch divided plants struggle to take hold, this gardener has found flowers and vegetables that just take over and create an explosion of color, scent, and texture everywhere you look.  It has a wild, natural look that takes years to create.  A perfectly situated sunroom gives access to this fabulous space year-round. By encouraging just, the right plants in just the right places, the result is an overflowing riot of vibrant colors that you will want to imitate in your own garden.

Growing Food in a Circle of Beauty, Nauset High School, 100 Cable Road, Eastham
Tour benefiting Eastham Public Library

The Nauset Food and Research Garden, located behind the High School, is huge in many ways.  This garden provides opportunities to learn about ecology, nutrition, horticulture and all-round Earth Care, celebrating the genetic diversity of crops from around the world -- from Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Nepal. Learn about the traditional Native American association of corn, squash, and beans, and the development of modern corn varieties that respect the "spirit" of corn. A laboratory for scientific questioning, this garden produces organic produce for local pantries while demonstrating various approaches to ecological farming. Connect to Earth's beauty, and the secrets of soil. Students and volunteers will answer your questions as you explore the circular garden and learn about intriguing and evolving experiments.

Mystery Garden: Made in the Shade, Eastham
Tour benefiting Eastham Public Library

This ‘Mystery Garden’ will be identified for all who buy the $25 Eastham Garden Tour ticket.  This was voted a favorite by past participants, and we are bringing it back.  Start your visit with the hydrangea walkway where the Kousa dogwood, hydrangeas, and high bush cranberry shade the way.  Enjoy the Hosta and astilbe in the shade gardens. Then take some time to investigate the perennials and the dahlias and stop to visit the eclectic experimental gardening area.  Finally, walk down to the pond and rest in the cool shade and watch the various birds and ducks that frequently visit. 

Private garden tours are $5 per person per garden. You can pay cash at each garden on the day of the garden tour. Each garden is open from 10 am to 4 pm unless otherwise specified and only on the days specified.