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Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest Garden Tours: Monday, July 12, 2021



90 Locust Lane, Barnstable
Tour benefiting Sturgis Library

Bought by Wayne’s parents in 1939, this property near the end of Locust Lane backs onto preservation land [the Lowell Family Trust], which provides a lovely background of wild holly trees mixed with semi-wilderness.  The original cottage was torn down and replaced by the current house, which Pat has surrounded with beds of daylilies, geraniums, a mix of annuals and perennials, birdbaths and many birdhouses collected from all over the country, with the names of their 9 grandchildren on them.  There are buoys found on Cape beaches after storms, and near the climbing hydrangea, two charming ‘sculpture’ trees holding colorful glass bottles—one manmade, the other a fruit-bearing fig!  More than a glimpse of the seasonal village and lighthouse at Sandy Neck’s Point can be seen from the front yard, year-round.  Parking indicated along north side of Commerce Road.
Open for Tours: July 10 & July 12.

83 Rendezvous Lane, Barnstable
Tour benefiting Sturgis Library

The Watsons moved from the end of the lane to this classic old Cape in 2018, and lost no time upgrading long-neglected borders around the building, starting with erecting a stone wall in front which encloses a mix of herbs and perennials.  More herbs are clustered outside the kitchen, and the front door has been framed by trellises bearing beautiful tangerine climbing roses.  There are numerous plantings of hydrangeas, including Oakleaf Snow Queen along the house, and lace-cap fronting the entrance path.  More hydrangeas are found along the NE fence, as well as a row of alternating pink and white Rosa Rugosa.  An extensive vegetable garden lies beyond the artemisia-lined barn/guesthouse [note the birdhouse under the eaves], and a small meadow with seasonal pond contains more birdhouses where a bluebird was just sighted!  Coyotes, fishers, deer and turkeys are a familiar sight, and check for the red-tailed hawks nest in the high tree to the north. Open for Tours: July 10 & July 12. Parking: along Rendezvous Lane, as indicated; or, ideally, walk from St. Mary’s parking lot, in combination with visit to Barnstable Historical Society Garden.


Lisa Tulis Blair Memorial Garden, 3087 Main Street, Barnstable
Tour benefiting Sturgis Library
Back by popular acclaim, this developing garden is attached to the Barnstable Historical Society at the Phinney/Jones House across from the Sturgis Library.  A longtime Curator of the Society, Lisa Tulis Blair died on April 1, 2015, and the garden, a blend of grottos and woodland covering 2 ¾ acres, is in the process of being created in her memory.  She would be delighted to know a wedding reception will be hosted here in June!  Villagers and Historical Society members have contributed stone steps and walls, wooden birdhouses, and the local potter has donated a beautiful ceramic bird bath.  The village blacksmith has created metal railings and volunteers have brought plant and tree offerings to the wild land as well as to the flower and herb borders out back.  Anyone who visited before should wander the meandering paths of this calm and peaceful space, to see the results of a year of volunteer work. Open for Tours: July 10 & July 12. Park at Sturgis Library or adjacent St. Mary’s lot.  Can walk from here to the garden on 83 Rendezvous Lane, as well.


33 Midpine Rd, Cummaquid Heights, Cummaquid
Tour benefiting Sturgis Library

Reached via the Cummaquid Golf Club entrance, the Berlandis’ house and lawn are surrounded by numerous hydrangeas, while climbing hydrangeas cover the white lattice surrounding the pot-adorned stone patio.  The display of Hydrangeas is augmented by climbing roses and a full assortment of acid-lovers such as azaleas, rhododendron, andromeda and holly.  In the beautifully laid-out garden beds, daylilies and multiple perennials abound, while the back lawn gains a great sense of deep green space from the adjacent 11th Fairway.  It is possible that as you explore the plantings behind the house, a golf ball may hop the split-rail fence! Open for Tours: July 10 & July 12. Park along one side of Midpine, as indicated.


The Fornari Garden at Poison Ivy Acres, 2 Lawrence Pond Lane, Sandwich
Tour benefiting Master Gardner Association of Cape Cod

Visit this 2.5 acre property on Lawrence Pond, gardened by Dan and C.L. Fornari. Along the road see the "dry garden" of drought-tolerant plants. Next is a cutting garden cutting garden just above the large vegetable beds. In addition to the in-ground vegetables, you will see Smart Pots planted with potatoes and winter squash. Peak into the solar-heated seed-starting shed where the Fornari's start their basil, tomatoes and annuals. Discover the assortment of annuals and perennials in the flower gardens that surround the house. Stop under the shade of the grape arbor where many of the Fornari's houseplants are at "summer camp." See the herbs that are grown just out the kitchen door and take enough flower photos to fill your Instagram feed for months.

The Bowker Horticultural Society, 151 Old County Road, East Sandwich 
Tour benefiting Sandwich Garden Club

Mary and Roger Bowker, both Master Gardeners, purchased their historic former dairy farm in 2001 and have spent the last 19 years rescuing 15 acres from invasive plants.  On four acres they have created a serene landscape of garden rooms around a gazebo and pergola, dotted with statuary and many hydrangeas, a formal herb garden and an orchard. They also enjoy their extensive vegetable patch where he, an avowed carnivore and she, an enthusiastic grower of all things green and edible, happily work side by side. Topic of Talk: How Do I Turn My Hydrangeas Blue? Talk time: 11 AM & 1 PM. Directions: From Route 6 take exit #63/ old #4. Go North on Chase Road to second left, Old County Road.  # 151 is on the right. Parking - In driveway with overflow on Old County Rd where indicated. ACCESSIBLE: Flat land, hard ground, stone or paved walkways. Wheelchair or walker friendly. Dogs on leashes allowed

Meandering Gardens, 6 Aviator's Lane, Sandwich
Tour benefiting Sandwich Garden Club

Welcome to this stunning two-acre property in South Sandwich where an amazing collection of small gardens have been seamlessly blended into the natural landscape. There are several attractive perennial beds along with a small vegetable garden, prolific raspberry and blueberry plantings, and all 6 main Hydrangea species popular on the Cape.  Enjoy a relaxing stroll through some wooded grounds and/or a more challenging walk down the hill to Little Hog Pond. Topic of Talk: Raspberry & Blueberry cultivation. Talk time: 11 AM & 1 PM.
Garden Open for Tours: July 12th & July 16th. Directions: From the Mid-Cape Highway (Route 6), take Exit 2 coming from the west or exit 5 coming from the east. Once on Farmersville Rd, turn onto Boardley Rd and then a fairly quick left onto Aviators Lane. Park anywhere along Aviator's Lane; property is located directly at the end of the street. Do not park around inner circle where there are irrigation heads. Accessible: Flat land, hard ground, stone or paved walkways.  Wheelchair or walker friendly. Dogs on leashes allowed.


A Welcome Home, 177 School Street, Marstons Mills
Tour benefiting Sandwich Garden Club

Step over the Town line from Sandwich to delight and relax at this colorful gem of a property on 2.5 acres located in rural Marstons Mills. Owners Bill and Beth Hearn have worked since 2017 to provide a rich and enticing habitat for butterflies, bees, birds and other fauna. Let the abundance of native and old favorite perennial and pollinator plants and bushes, which live in harmony with berries, fruit trees and vegetables, enchant and sooth you as you stroll the property. For the more adventurous, paths through the woods are there for a short walk or a bit longer walk downhill to the bogs on Bog Road. A wonderful yard to explore and experience. Topic of Talk: How to create a more environmentally friendly yard with less lawn and more native and pollinator perennial plants. Talk time: 11 AM & 1 PM. Garden Open for Tours: July 12th & July 16th. Directions: School Street runs between Race Lane and Newtown Road. The Race Lane end of the street is called Old Mill and becomes School Street where Bog Road intersects. From Route 6 going west take Rt 149 exit south to rotary and right onto Race Lane. Take left at top of the hill onto Old Mill/School Street. From Route 6 east take Chase Road exit, go right onto Great Hill Rd. and stay straight to Race Lane/Farmersville Rd. Go left when the road intersects with Farmersville, then immediate right onto Newtown. School Street will be on the left. Parking: Off street parking in driveway and on grass. Accessible: Flat land, some hard ground and some uneven places. Wheelchair or walker friendly. Steep or wooded trails in back of yard. Not suggested for wheelchairs or walkers.


Strictly Hydrangeas, 121 Camp St. Unit 106, W. Yarmouth
Tour benefiting Master Gardner Association of Cape Cod
Tip Talk Topic: “Pot-N-Pot” container gardening demonstration.
 An ever-expanding collection of hydrangeas, the quintessential Cape Cod woody ornamental, frame a small free-standing Master Gardener’s condominium. 225 hydrangeas take center stage in various garden beds. Patio and porches boast 25 containers using the “Pot-in-Pot” method with a dwarf hydrangea as the “thriller” along with various “fillers” and “spillers”. This garden is a hydrangea lover’s dream come true.  Open for Tours: Monday, July 12th & Thursday, July 15th

Private garden tours are $5 per person per garden. You can pay cash at each garden on the day of the garden tour. Each garden is open from 10 am to 4 pm unless otherwise specified and only on the days specified.