To Tent or Not to Tent Your Outdoor Cape Cod Wedding

One of the best things about planning a wedding is putting together an event that really reflects you and your soon-to-be other half! A tented wedding can be the perfect way to show off your style and tailor the details of your big day to you and your beau. You may have your childhood home, the place you first met, or the place you used to summer vacation that stays with you both and you cannot think of another place that would have all the pieces you love and mean so much to you, let’s have a tented wedding!! We have put together a few tips to making sure that tent in the backyard is really the way to go.

1. Space
Creating a venue for your guests can be a lot of fun and comfort is key. The bigger your guest list, the more space you will need. Don’t stop at just square footage but also consider the geography of your space. Is it flat? What’s underground? A tenting company can come to your site and give you an idea of what can be safely be done at your location.

2. Power
Lights, band or DJ, cooking, restrooms, all of these items require a power source. If there is not power near your venue, generators are available through most tent companies but keep your budget in mind. Many weddings can be done on the power from a home or structure on property but, if it’s an older home or you have a 10 piece band, it may not be sufficient.

3. Restrooms
Your wedding is a 5 or 6 hour event with the bar open and drinks flowing. If there is a house on site, it may be equipped for your event. Many times, you will have to bring facilities in.  We usually recommend portable bathrooms for parties over 50 people. Anyone remember, Meet the Parents?

4. Police
Many towns and villages (on Cape Cod especially) have strict sound ordinances. Give your local police station a call and inquire about their sounds rules. Better to know that to get a visit on your wedding day! If you are near the water, you may also want to consider the town across the water from you. Sounds travels!

5. Neighbors
No matter the time of day, those who live near you can also bring a halt to your event. Before you get too far into your wedding plans, check in with your neighbor. They’ll appreciate that you considered them!

6. Parking
Some of the most beautiful locations are down tight roads or on highly populated streets. Whether you shuttle from a nearby location, or provide a valet, keep in mind roads should remain clear.  

7. Weather
Whether you are having all of the parts of your wedding in the same location or just cocktail & reception, weather is a factor. Have a Plan B & sometimes even a Plan C for where your guests will go if it’s raining or windy. And rain isn’t the only things to consider, the heat and sun can affect your guests as well.

8. General Impact
If you are using your neighbor’s or even a rental home’s manicured lawn, keep in mind there are tables, chairs, dance floor & tent being built on those beautiful grounds. They can have an impact. Always make sure the owners of your site understand the scope of your event.   

9. Budget
Tented weddings can allow for incredible freedom in your wedding planning. You can get creative and really customize your wedding to your vision. While there may be ways to save by purchasing your own alcohol and creating your decor, etc., remember you are creating your venue from scratch. The cost can add up quickly if you haven’t created a budget for yourself.

10. Insurance
A private, tented location can be very intimate and comfortable. You and your guests create some amazing memories in this relaxed, outdoor atmosphere. Lots of pieces go into making a great tented wedding, make sure you're covered for the unforeseen. Peace of mind is worth it!

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