Renovations at Wequassett

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Wequassett to get a first hand look on their new renovations, and boy was I blown away!  Their property has always been one of the top wedding venue locations on Cape Cod and with the updates; it has definitely proven that to be true!

As I walked up to the building, I caught a glimpse of the new, custom Sperry tent and at that point I knew I was in for a treat.  When I arrived, I met Florence Kiernan, the director of marketing, and Amy Farrell, the director of catering sales, to walk me through the renovations.

As we walked into the tent from 28 Atlantic, the panoramic view straight out to the ocean made my jaw drop.  The tent does not have any poles or inside supports, so nothing blocked my view of the new patio area and the spanning ocean beyond that.  The new windows separating the tent space and the patio are accordion doors/windows, which means that the gorgeous view never goes away - rain or shine, you will always see the ocean from inside the new tent.  Looking up, the tent was beautiful and built with heat and air conditioning options as well as a stunning center chandelier.  I was told that the owners of Sperry spent a night under the tent during one of the big storms late this winter to ensure it would be safe and will not leak!

Once I was able to pass through the tent space, I found myself along the new patio, which used to drop down to the beach.  Instead they built it up to expand the space straight out from the tent and pavilion where guests can meander during cocktail hour or after dinner.

Just below the upper patio, was a lower patio area with three individual bonfires for hotel and wedding guests to enjoy. After walking through the lower patio area, they brought me down the stairs and onto the croquet lawn where most of their on-site ceremonies take place.  I walked down the stairs envisioning the bride taking these steps on the way to say her vows, I was just in awe - I mean who wouldn’t be the happiest person in the world walking that path!  And the croquet lawn was made to have an “infinity” look, so the photos on the lawn will look like the couple is almost standing right on the water - stunning.

When I turned back to take a look at the building and the renovations from the lawn, it was amazing.  And I was there before the flowers were blooming!  I cannot wait to get back when the gardens are alive and colorful and when one of my clients gets to experience her special day with her friends and family at this newly renovated, ocean view location.

”We hope that all of our guests will enjoy the new space. Our goal was to create as many unique venues as possible to afford our consumer exclusive and memorable experiences from intimate parties to grand events.”  Amy Farrell, Director of Catering Sales, Wequassett Resort and Golf Club.

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About the blogger: Jamie Bohlin is the owner and event planner at Cape Cod Celebrations, and has been working weddings and events on Cape Cod for over 8 years.