Spring 2020 has reminded us the importance of our job as wedding planners. We have spent hours with our couples listening to their fears and feeling their heartbreak that their wedding plans are or may be shifting. As we have guided our couples through the postponement process, we wanted to share some helpful tips that we have found keep our couples staying positive through this unprecedented time.

Take Care...
So you watched the news and learned that your wedding date could be affected by a travel ban or stay at home order...yea, it's natural to feel a little stuck! Uncertainty can be uncomfortable and scary. It’s okay to have these feelings and when you do, we recommend finding your way to feel those feelings and then rally! Whether it’s yoga, meditation, screaming into a pillow, dancing it out or taking a couple of days to unplug and binge watch that show on Netflix. (Tiger King... what?!) Take care of yourself and take advantage of some extra time to reconnect with your future husband or wife! Your wedding planning may look a little different but you always have a reason to celebrate.

Ask for help!
After you have danced it out...turn to your wedding planner for guidance on the first steps to take if you are considering postponing your wedding day. If you don’t have a wedding planner, connect with your venue or catering manager about your potential options. Chances are they have had this conversation with other couples as well. Remember, there may be couples whose wedding dates are before yours and may be first in line but you picked your vendor team for a reason and we (and they) are all hoping to continue working with you in the future.

(Extra tip here: If you would like to stay in the year of 2020, consider “off” dates like Fridays, Sundays or even Mondays! You may have a better chance of moving your entire vendor team to your new wedding date.)

​Huddle Up! (Virtually)
​We are lucky enough to have so many virtual ways to connect with our loved ones today… remember when there was no internet? (You may not but, we promise there was a time!) Schedule a Facetime, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp call with your core group and fill them in on how you are feeling and that your plans may be changing. Ask for positive vibes only and ask for extra help as you navigate the postponement process.

Vendor Survey Says!
Touch base with all of your vendors. (Including your attire providers and accommodations!) If you are considering a plan B, it can feel like a little daunting to reach out to all of your vendors at once. Your planner can assist here! If not, try sending an email to yourself and bcc your vendors for a quick check in about your alternate date(s) or try an online poll if you have multiple dates you are considering! (Tip: Doodle polls)

Take a moment to review your contracts before you contact your vendors and have an idea of additional questions you may want to ask when they respond about your potential new date. Friendly reminder, this is an unprecedented situation for everyone but, we are #allinittogether!

Last but not least!
From bridal showers & engagement parties to rehearsal dinners & brunches...There are many events that are part of your wedding planning. Here’s your opportunity to lean on your community for sure! Whether you can re-schedule or need to find a new venue for a future date...throw a virtual party on the original date of your event. We all need reasons to celebrate right now!​

Final Thoughts...
Reframing your hopes and expectations of your wedding day is likely the last thing you thought you would be doing. We are with you there! But we take heart in the amazing ways our couples and all of the couples out there have found ways to move forward with love, with humor, with light and with joy! Wedding days will return and we can’t wait to celebrate!

About the blogger: Stephanie works with Cape Cod Celebrations, creating unique weddings and events on Cape Cod since 2007.

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