Plated Meal - Duet Entree or Choice?

So many options when planning your wedding - and we have one more for you!  Just when you thought you had decided on plated vs buffet for your wedding meal, you have one other decision to make - duet entree or choice?  There are benefits of each and below we outline the pros and cons to help you make your decision.

Duet Entree: The same meal for all of your guests, typically a surf and turf

- No need to ask for a meal choice on your RSVP card
- No need to figure out a way to identify what your guests are having on their escort cards or at the table (cow means beef, fish means fish)
- Typically a faster meal service (savings of about 15-20 minutes)
- Vegetarian meal is always an option and allergies are accounted for

- Menu cards are necessary so your guests know what they are eating and can let their server know if they need a special meal

Choice: Giving your guests the option of two different entrees, typically selected on your RSVP card

- Guests get the option to choose what they would like to have for dinner
- You can also give your guests the option to order at the table instead of identifying their choice on the RSVP card, which can become a con as it is more expensive and definitely takes a lot longer for dinner service
- Provides variety and can bring the costs down so you are not paying for filet and lobster for everyone

- Typically a little bit of a longer service as the servers have to confirm all of the orders with the guests once they are seated
- You will have to identify what your guests have ordered on their escort cards or on a place card (assigned seats)
- You will have to track guests choices and provide a final meal count to the venue or caterer of each selection and also identify how many meals per table - table 10 has 4 fish and 6 beef
- Can be more work for the bride and groom

A lot of this comes down to personal preference. I for one am a fan of the duet entree for many reasons, but I also love all foods and would be happy with anything!  The choice is yours!

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