Music Selections for your Wedding

Let’s be honest.  Everyone knows that the wedding night is all about being on the dance floor and having a blast with your friends and family.  And one of the hard parts of planning for this portion of the evening is giving your band or DJ the song choices you want to hear that night.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind and help you through the process of selecting your songs.

Have a Dance Party
One of my close friends, who is a music fanatic, decided to have a dance party at their house to go through song choices that they thought they would want to hear at their wedding.  If they played the song and you couldn’t dance to it, they took it off the list.  What a fun way to narrow down ideas!

First Dance
There are so many first dance songs out there to choose from, but what I recommend is to choose one that really speaks to you, even if it is not a typical first dance, love song.  One of my best friends had her first dance with her husband to Hall and Oates’ “You Make My Dreams Come True” which totally reflected their personalities and was one of their personal favorites. Make it your own!

Dance Lessons
So in all of the years I have been wedding planning I have had mixed thoughts on the dance lessons.  Here is what I have ultimately decided on – if you are going to take dance lessons, just learn how to dance more than just swaying and turning in a constant circle.  Maybe add a dip or spin in here or there, but learning a full on dance from start to finish is just tricky.  And all you are thinking about at that moment is what step you are supposed to do and if you are going to mess it up instead of focusing on dancing with the person you just married.  My two cents!

Parent Dances
If you are going to dance with your mom or dad, I recommend choosing the song with your parent and making sure both of you are comfortable with it.  Some couples even choose to do the dances as one parent dance where the bride and groom are on the dance floor at the same time with their mom and/or dad.  Another way to make it a bit less awkward is to ask other father/daughter or mother/son pairs at the wedding to join you half way through  the song.

Do Not Play List
This list is very important!!  A lot of bands and DJs here the same songs (organized dance songs are typically on this list) but you need to think of songs that annoy you, make you think of an ex or just are terrible dance songs.  Be sure to include all of these on your list and be specific with your band or DJ about those songs and if you will allow for requests.

Leave it to the Pros
When it comes down to it, I highly recommend making your lists of songs and then just leave it to the pros.  They do this every weekend and know what the crowd wants at certain times.  Don’t expect them to play straight from your playlist the entire time.  Be open to their interpretation of the crowd.  And hire the best!  The band or DJ is not a place to skimp in your budget.  Ask for references and check out reviews online!