Helpful Signage for your Cape Cod Wedding

There can be hundreds of details for your wedding, from toasting glasses and escort cards to flowers and favors, but one that has been popular lately is fun wedding signage.  This can range from anything to letting people know where all of the events are taking place on the property to where they can find the bathrooms.  We outline below some of  the fun ideas we have seen for signage over the past years and we hope it inspires you to get clever with your own!

Welcome your guests to the wedding with a welcome sign highlighting your names and the date and reflecting the theme of the wedding.  Or incorporate your personality with something fun or funny!

There many be many events the day of your wedding from cocktail hour to dinner and dancing and even an after party, so let your guests know where these events will be taking place with signage.  This works really well for tented events where you are outside and can stake something into the ground, but you can also use a planter with concrete or soil to use a staked sign in an indoor venue as well.

There are many different signs you can use at your ceremony from "Pick a seat not a side" to "Unplugged Ceremony" signage.  You may even choose to have your ceremony program be a sign instead of printing them for all of your guests.  And don't forget reserved signs for the front couple of rows for close family and readers!

Signature Drinks
Offering a signature drink or "His and Hers" drinks at your bar?  Have your stationer design a fun 8X10 sign that you can frame to match your theme and put up at your bars.  Know someone who is awesome at chalk art?  Have them whip up something cute for you!  

If you have create a hashtag for your wedding then you need to spread the word so your guests can use it and everyone can relive the fun the next day.  Create signage for your bar (where most all of your guests will definitely be) so they can know what to include when they post on social media.

Gift & Guest Book Table
We have also seen signage used at the gift and guest book table.  If your container for your cards is not easy for your guests to understand where to put them - sometimes a small "Cards" sign is helpful.  And if your guest book is something new like thumbprints on a canvas, then signage is helpful for your guests to understand what to do!

Sometimes it is not very clear where the bathroom is at your wedding, so if you feel your guests will be asking, including a bathroom sign is helpful to avoid lost guests.

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