Father of the Bride: What is your wedding role?

As the Father of the Bride, you have one of the most important roles at your daughter’s wedding, but you may feel left out throughout the planning process as the bride tends to do most of the planning with her mom.

Most dads are okay with the fact that they don’t have to do much, but others want to be included throughout the process as they can, seeing that they may be writing most of the checks to make this dream wedding come to life.  Below are some roles that the Father of the Bride (FOB) can jump into throughout the planning process if he really wants to be a part of the journey.

Food & Beverage
The food and beverage is definitely a big part of the wedding day and a great place for the FOB to chime in if he wants to.  Some FOBs love food, wine, beers, etc. and want to make sure the best is selected for his daughter’s special day.  If your venue or caterer offers a tasting, this is also a great place for the FOB to be included!

Depending on if the FOB has an interest in photos or florals, this is a great place to help your daughter select vendors.  I have worked with FOBs in the past that have a green thumb and are really interested in the floral selections.  Others love photography and want to help the couple select their photographer for the day.  It all depends on how much the FOB cares about certain vendors that the couple will book.

Walking Your Daughter Down the Aisle
So although a lot of FOBs don’t feel very included during the planning process, they do get one of the most important roles of the day - walking their daughter down the aisle.  Couple of things to note - you will stand on her right so that your right hand is available to shake her groom’s hand.  When you get her up to the front, be sure to give her a hug or a kiss, shake the hand of the groom (or give him a hug) and hand her off!

Welcome Toast
Another very popular role for the FOB is the welcome toast.  Typically the welcome toast is right before dinner is served, or before the blessing.  This is usually very short and sweet and congratulates the couple and thanks everyone for coming to celebrate for the weekend.  Sometimes the couple will do this toast if they are hosting the event, but a lot of the time the Father will do this toast.

Father/Daughter Dance
Finally, another very important role is the father/daughter dance.  So start thinking of what song you want to share with your daughter on her wedding day.  If your daughter chooses to have this as a formal event, the DJ or band will call the both of you to the dance floor to share your special dance together.  This is usually followed by the mother/son dance and a killer dance party!

About the blogger: Jamie Bohlin is the owner and event planner at Cape Cod Celebrations, and has been working weddings and events on Cape Cod for over 8 years.