Cape Cod Wedding Favors

A lot of my clients get hung up on favor ideas, so I thought I would share with you some ideas that I typically share with my clients.  Now there are a ton more ideas out there that you can definitely consider, but the following suggestions are ones that I know have gone over well at weddings.

First, some basic favor requirements. The favor should be able to fit in a small purse. Do not make your guests carry out large favors! I recommend that the favor be located at the table, in front of each guest so that they see it and do not forget to take it with them That being said, try to do one favor per person, not per couple. Typical price range for favors is $3-$5.

Make it Edible
Edible favors are my person favorite.  There are lots of ideas that you can do here locally or from your home town.  We have done a lot of chocolates from the Chatham Candy Manor or other local candy shops and we have also seen some really unique edible ideas from our client’s home town like maple syrup and hot sauce.  Another fun and popular edible idea is a candy station!  Let your guests choose from multiple candies - whether they are your favorites or just fit your color scheme, guests love filling their bags with candy!  With these edible options, your guests will either eat it there that night or will be so happy when they get home to snack on it before bed.

Keep Their Beer Cold!
Koozies are also another very popular favor.  You can find all sorts of clever sayings on etsy or pinterest like - “To have and to hold and to keep your beer cold” or “Let Love Brew”.  If you’re not big beer drinkers or are going to be serving beers in pint glasses then I probably would not recommend this.  Typically these are handed out at the bar with beers and are also in a basket for guests to take them.

Double as the Escort Card
One great way to ensure your guests get their favor is to attach it to their escort card!  In order to find where they are seated they will have to pick up their name with their favor attached.  We have see these attached to compasses, starfish, jars of cape cod bath salts, keys and more!  

If a favor really isn’t your thing, then consider doing a donation of some sort to a cause that means a lot to you and your fiancee.  You may have had a friend or relative pass who you would like to honor with a donation.  I recommend putting this information on the menu or thank you card at the tables so that your guests know you made this donation on their behalf.  Another cool donation type favor I have seen was the replacement of their guest’s carbon footprint to get to their wedding, which was a really unique idea and also helps the planet!

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About the blogger: Jamie Bohlin is the owner and event planner at Cape Cod Celebrations, and has been working weddings and events on Cape Cod for over 8 years