Bathrooms for Your Outdoor Wedding

Everyone loves an outdoor wedding at a private home or rental home on Cape Cod, but one thing that can sometimes be overlooked or just avoided is the bathroom situation.  If you are hosting a large wedding or event at your home or a rental home, you will most likely need to bring in bathrooms for your guests.  Typically I recommend doing it for any event with more than 50 people.

The good news?  There are some fabulous vendors on the Cape that can assist you will your bathroom needs and the better news is that they are beautiful!  Gone are the days of the porta-potties for fancy events.  Restroom trailers are the new party bathroom solution and some of them may even be nicer than your own bathroom at home!  These trailers often offer air conditioning and heat as well as hot and cold running water.  Some even have a CD player or iPod hookup where you can pipe in your own music. We had one event last year that played their college fight song on repeat in the bathrooms all night!

As for things you should consider with your restroom rental, Gil Ricci from Nauset Disposal says, “An often overlooked feature that some luxury restroom providers offer is an attendant. For a nominal fee you can have someone tending to your guests needs, and on-site in the event of a malfunction with the trailer. These attendants are typically decked out in tux’s, and eager to ensure your friends and family feel like royalty on your special day!”

And Buzzy White, owner of White's Water Closets, says “Brides now have the option of decorating the interiors and exteriors of our units to match a wedding theme. They can be setup in just about any location that can be accessed by a vehicle.” 

Whatever your restroom choice, the best part is you have options.  Sometimes the trailers are too big for your venue or you do not have access to water or electric, so there are other solutions.  I recommend having your vendor visit your property, see the layout and make the best suggestion for your needs.  That is the best way to guarantee that your guests will be comfortable the day of your wedding!