Accommodating Dietary Restrictions at Your Cape Cod Wedding

Come to find out, dietary restrictions are a big deal now-a-days.  We hardly ever work a wedding where we don't have someone that has a special restriction to their meal.  So how do you accommodate everyone with one or two meals?  Thankfully, caterers and venues have made it easier for couples to manage and we have broken down some of the ways you can handle it with your guests.

No matter what, every caterer or venue can accommodate a vegetarian, even if it is someone that doesn't say anything until the night of your wedding.  It is always great to have a count ahead of time and trust us, most vegetarians will make sure they let you know. This meal is typically a vegetarian pasta type dish and most venues will not have you select it, but they will just provide something fresh and delicious.

There are so many different allergies out there today it is kind of crazy.  From gluten-free and shellfish allergies to nuts and dairy, it can seem hard to be able to accommodate everyone.  When you are creating your RSVP cards everyone should have a line for "dietary restrictions" whether you are having a choice meal, station party or not. You should also then mark your floor plan with those that have listed dietary restrictions so that your  food and beverage team is aware of those that need a special meal.  

We work with one caterer that has created a vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy free meal so that they can accommodate almost all restrictions with one plate - and it is quite delicious!  And this same caterer has also considered going to all gluten-free sauces as to avoid that allergy all together!

So when you start getting in to things like Kosher meals, that is where it gets really tricky.  If your wedding is not Kosher it is best to check with your venue to see if you can offer those guests an ordered in Kosher meal.  We have done this in the past for Jewish weddings and it has worked great.

We just recently had a wedding where Mormons attended and Mormons do not drink alcohol.  So we set their table with water and lemonade instead of water, wine and champagne glasses.  This way we were still able to accommodate the guests and not have them feel awkward with alcohol at their seats.

The great news is that almost all of the caterers and venues are able to accommodate any request, so do not be afraid to ask as it is a lot easier to manage than you think!

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