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Choosing Your Menu

You have found the venue, you have found the dress.  All of the details are coming together, but now you have to figure out what the heck to feed your guests!  From a laid back BBQ to a 4 course lobster dinner, here are some things to consider when choosing your Cape Cod wedding menu.

Cocktail Hour

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Seating the Guests

One of the most dreaded planning components of any wedding is where and how to seat the guests.  Long tables or rounds? Assigned seating or open seating?  Can Aunt Martha sit at the same table with Uncle Bob?  There is not really any easy way to figure it all out, but we can provide you with some ideas to help to make the decision on how the seating will work best at your wedding.

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Toasting the Happy Couple

Who? What? Where? When? Always big questions come up when figuring out who will toast the happy couple the weekend of their wedding.  Here are some key ideas to help scheduling your toasting throughout your wedding festivities.

Who: Father of the Bride (Mother of the Bride could also do this with the FOB)

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Mother of the Bride & Mother of the Groom Roles

Hello Moms!  Your son or daughter just got engaged!  How fun!  How crazy!  How overwhelming!  You are going to have a crazy couple of months ahead of you in the planning process so we decided to collect a list of roles that you will have from now until “I Do”.

Mother of the Bride

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You're Getting Married!

I always love when we cross over into a new year, because my brides can finally say “I am getting married this year!”.  Which also means that their wedding day is creeping even closer and wedding planning has to get kicked into high gear.  Here is a list of what my 2014 brides are working on at this point in their planning process once the New Year has hit.

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Real Cape Cod Wedding: Jessica and Sean

Nothing says “I Do” on Cape Cod like a beach ceremony on a perfect day and that is exactly what Jessica and Sean got on their wedding day this past September!

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Cape Cod Halloween Wedding

Have you ever thought of having your wedding on Cape Cod on or around Halloween?  There are many brides out there that love the holiday and take it to a whole new level when it comes to throwing a Halloween wedding!  There are many locations on Cape that would be perfect for your themed event and lots of fun things you can do to give your guests a spooky experience on Cape Cod!

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First Look VS. Down the Aisle

In your planning process have you had anyone ask you if you are going to do a first look or if you are going to see each other for the first time when you walk down the aisle?  If not, then start thinking about it!

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The Groom's Wedding Day Roles

What about the groom?!?  It seems that on the wedding day the groom always gets the easy way out - quick shower, shave and get dressed and he is on his way while the ladies are up at 8am starting to get ready.  There are some very important roles of the groom on the wedding day and we wanted to focus today’s post on what those are so you can share this with your lucky groom!

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The New "Guest Book"

When I say the words “Guest Book” what do you think of?  A boring book with lines for guests to write their name and a short note?  Well, I am about to change your thought process by giving you ideas for what I like to call the “New Guest Book” - because nowadays the guest book is meant to be so much more than a boring book that you only open every 10 years.  Take a look at some of the fun idea


I'm Engaged....now what?!?

You said yes!  You have a beautiful, sparkling new ring, you can’t get the smile off of your face, so now what? Here is a list of the first 5 things to do once you get engaged. (After jumping for joy and changing your facebook status of course)

Make your guest list


Be inspired by Cape Cod for your wedding

So you obviously chose Cape Cod to have your wedding for a reason - whether it be the beautiful beaches, the relaxed feel, the stunning views or just your amazing memories of summering or growing up on Cape - so why not take full advantage of what you have around you and become inspired by everything Cape Cod for your wedding!  If you want to give your guests a real Cape Cod feel for your weddi

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Top reasons to hire Cape Cod vendors

You have decided that Cape Cod is your perfect location for your fairytale wedding. The location is booked, the scene is set, but now it is time to find your vendors.  From florists and photographers, to DJs and caterers - everything is available to you right here on Cape Cod.

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Top 5 Things to Consider for an At Home Wedding

So you have decided to take the leap and have the perfect reception location in mind - only thing is...it is a blank canvas.  An open space in your parent’s/grandparent’s/friend’s backyard on Cape Cod that needs tents, tables, chairs, bathrooms, you name it.  You are not alone.  Many Cape Cod weddings take place in beautiful, private locations that need many things brought in to make it happen,


How to have your Cape Cod ceremony on the Beach

Many couples have different reasons for choosing Cape Cod as their wedding location, one of which is that their number one requirement is having their ceremony on the beach with everyone’s toes in the sand.


Real Cape Cod Wedding: Christine and Liam

I met Liam and Christine back in 2011 at my office in Dennis and I knew right off the bat that I wanted to work with this fun couple.  They had been dating forever and you could tell they were meant to be together right off the spot.  And it is not all of the time that the groom tags along on the first planner interview, so at that point I knew Liam was a great guy!

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Off Season Wedding Events on Cape Cod

November through April on Cape Cod is what us locals call the “off-season.”   Things gets quieter, some seasonal businesses close for the winter and rates for weddings get more affordable!  Imagine having your dream wedding with an ocean view and saving thousands of dollars? That is what the off-season on Cape Cod can do for your wedding and your wallet. 

Here are some

Cape Cod - Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch

Cape Cod Activities for Your Wedding Guests

So you have made the easy decision - you want to get married on Cape Cod because it is your most favorite place in the world and you want to share it with all of your closest friends and family.  

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How to Choose Your Cape Cod Caterer

Not every couple needs a caterer, but if you are having your wedding at a private home, under a tent, or at a location that does not provide the food, be sure to read on.  The Cape has many fabulous caterers from Falmouth to Provincetown, but the question is - which one do you choose and why! 


Real Cape Cod Wedding: Tania & Jeff

Tania and Jeff reached out to me last September to discuss their Cape Cod wedding plans for a July 4th 2012, which was a Wednesday. It was a second marriage for both Tania and Jeff and they were planning a small, intimate gathering of family and friends.  They also wanted to be sure that their children, and the others attending, had a ton of fun stuff to do, as they were a


Choosing your Officiant

Many weddings on Cape Cod take place at locations outside of a church - like on the beach, by a lighthouse or in a backyard - leaving many couples to find their own officiants to oversee the ceremony.  Cape Cod has a great selection of officiants of different faiths to choose from, but the question is - what should

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How to Choose a Florist

When planning your wedding there are many different vendors you have to research, talk to and book - a florist being one of them.  Florists usually range from a more affordable option such as a supermarket to a higher end professional florist and everything in between.  As there are so many ways to research and find your florist - there are also a number of different factors to

What to Plan for Children at Your Cape Cod Wedding

What to Plan for Children at Your Cape Cod Wedding

Children or no children?  Many couples debate this for a while before making a decision on if they want to have children at their wedding reception, and it sometimes can be a stressful debate.  If the answer is yes, and there are going to be many there under the age of 15, it is great to have a plan in place for the kids, whether it be babysitters, activities, or other fun ideas.  Below I have

 - One DIY option is an outdoor wedding at a private home.

Your Cape Cod Wedding on a Budget

Cape Cod is a beautiful place to get married with all sorts of ranges of locations to suit your vision and your budget.  When starting to research venues, be sure you have a set budget in mind, as the reception location, food and drink will be the most costly portion of your planning.  Here are some tips on keeping the budget down without having to do a lot of negotiating.