About Cape and Islands Green

Mission Statement
Cape & Islands Green is an environmental initiative organized by a committee of representatives from the business community with support from the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, Hyannis Area Chamber of Commerce and Sandwich Chamber of Commerce to help Cape & Islands organizations and businesses earn a green verification. Cape & Islands Green began its work in the fall of 2008. Since then, the group has developed a program to guide businesses through a verification process. The program has three levels, each with criteria for the business to achieve in order to gain recognition from the program.

The Cape & Islands Green mission is to educate and encourage people in their places of work to engage in better practices which reduce our collective impact on the natural environment.

The program provides technical assistance and guidance throughout the verification. The participating business begins by assessing its current status after attending a training workshop. An application fee is required before attending the workshop. Once a company has fulfilled the requirements of the checklist(s) they can forward appropriate documentation to the program administrator, who will confirm that the program requirements have been met and award a level of verification.


Each checklist is separated into seven categories: Commitment, Awareness & Education; Solid Waste Minimization; Energy Conservation; Air & Water Quality, Health; Water Conservation; Purchasing; and Transportation.

Each category has a varying number of criteria that must be met in order to complete the section. Some of the criteria require the business to provide supporting documentation to clarify the intent, definition or method by which the task is completed. Some items on the checklist require supporting documentation in order to demonstrate that the criteria has definitely been met.

View Level 1 checklist

Upon achieving a certificate of verification, the business will have access to Cape & Islands Green marketing resources, including branding tools such as door decals, “reminder” signs, and electronic logos to use on their website and print materials. The Chambers will promote the Cape & Islands green brand in the broader sense, marking Cape Cod as an environmentally conscious business community and a green destination.

Cape & Islands Green will provide continual support for businesses as the green business landscape changes over time.

If you are interested in becoming a Cape & Islands Green business, you can contact Pam Andersen - Community Development Partnership at 508-240-7873 ×18 or [email protected]