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Cape and Islands Arts app
Cape and Islands Arts app

Cape and Islands Arts app

ArtsApp Cape Cod is the best way to create your own Arts Trail, and find great Cape Cod artists, craftspeople, galleries, museums, art centers, theaters, concerts, and more!

Download to your mobile device to find what’s near to you while you wander around the Cape.  Plan visits to studios of artists inspired by the Cape’s natural beauty, galleries highlighting award-winning artists, and museums and performing arts venues that reflect the unique arts community of Cape Cod. You’ll find well known places and hidden gems, displaying art and performing work from the cutting edge to family friendly. Artists creating one-of-a-kind, high-quality, locally made items welcome you into their studios. You’ll meet people who love what they do and love sharing their work with you.

Take classes and workshops with local artists. See a performance that might include a celebrity alongside local talent in a venue you’ve never been to. Visit our historic museums for a friendly and inspiring look at the rich history of Cape Cod. Find events that will create special memories that will last a lifetime.  

Going to be on Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket? Let the companion ArtsApp’s for each island be your guide.

The Apps are kept current and brought to you by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce, Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, and Coastal Community Capital, with support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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