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Cape Cod Theatre Company - Home of Harwich Junior Theatre

Backstage Pass to the Cape's Best Summer Theater

So many reasons to love this time of year! Nothing beats cozying up for a night of theater on the Cape in the fall and winter months––except escaping to another world on a sweet summer evening or at afternoon matinee. Tickets at these favorite theaters go fast, so now is the time to start planning your next dramatic adventure. 

Photo by ghkim.com

Let's talk about getting married.

You are newly engaged! You have a new accessory that you cannot stop staring at. You’ve told your family, friends, Facebook… you are on cloud nine! This is one of the most exciting times of your life. You are taking the next steps with that person who’s the one.

Now what’s on your checklist? First step, picking a date, booking your venue, then booking your wedding planner :)

Cape Cod Quahog Day

The Final Countdown

I have a confession to make.  I’ve been carb loading.  Big time.

Beanstock Coffee Roasters (Eastham)

Taste of Cape Cod

When you think of Cape Cod cuisine, our signature fried clams, chowder and lobster rolls may come to mind.

But there’s an eclectic group of businesses that are quickly showing that when it comes to the Cape, there’s much more than seafood to delight your palate. So grab your mug or glass and taste Cape Cod in an entirely new and exciting way.

Cape Cod Biking -National Seashore

5 Perfect Family Bike Rides

Whether you make a day of it or simply take the scenic route to the beach, these five family-friendly joyrides are Cape classics.

Shining Sea Bikeway
10.7 miles

Cape outline necklace from She Sells

Spoil your Mom on Cape Cod!

Still searching for the perfect gift for mom? Let us help! Whether it be hand-crafted jewelry, brunch on wheels or zip lining through the trees, Cape Cod has you covered.

It’s National Small Business Week, so let’s start with the fact that you can (and should) shop small and shop local for mom this Mother's Day.

Doug the Quahog - Cape Cod Beaches

Doug the Quahog: Life is a Beach

Like many of my fellow quahogs, I’m still wearing my winter shell. But soon, when the warm weather hits, I’ll exchange that shell for my summer one. And my days will be spent at the beach. I’ll be soaking in the rays, working on my tan. I’ll do what quahogs do – ride the waves until I can’t ride them anymore.

Cape Cod Tented Wedding - KML Photography

To Tent or Not to Tent Your Outdoor Cape Cod Wedding

One of the best things about planning a wedding is putting together an event that really reflects you and your soon-to-be other half! A tented wedding can be the perfect way to show off your style and tailor the details of your big day to you and your beau.

Santas on Cape Cod

The Santas are coming!

If December is the most wonderful time of the year, then what’s next on the list?

If you said Christmas in July, you’re close.  If you said the end of April, you’re right on the money.  Because that's when dozens of jolly souls in red suits will descend upon Cape Cod as part of the regional convention of Santa Clauses.