Cape Cod Quahog Day

Doug the Quahog: Fact or Fantasy?

After a summer that can only be described as “stellar” weather-wise, the Cape Cod Chamber decided to take a look at its weather log to ascertain whether there is empirical support for the optimistic 2015 summer weather prediction of Doug the Quahog, Cape Cod’s beloved hard-shelled and prognosticating mollusk.

Blue Rock Golf Course, South Yarmouth

Autumn Checklist

Technically, fall lasts until December 21st, but the season always seems to go by so fast. Maybe that’s because it’s one of the prettiest times on the Cape, whether you’re bundled up for a walk at the National Seashore or watching the leaves turn along the Rail Trail. Here’s your quick to-do list to make the most of the autumn months.

Love Live Local Fest, credit Ben Nugent

Active Traveler: Active Fall Events

Summer has come and gone. Take a deep breath and let it out. The traffic has eased, the beaches are no longer crowded, and the weather is still great. And there are plenty of ways to celebrate Cape Cod's awesome autumn weather in the great outdoors!

Monomoy Point Light, credit Matt Suess Photography

Active Traveler: Cape Cod Lighthouses

Lighthouses are as much a part of Cape Cod as the sea. Mile-for-mile, Cape Cod has one of the world’s largest concentrations of working lighthouses. The stoic beacons which have guided vessels through the treacherous waters off of the Cape's shores have been around for centuries.

Fall for the Arts, photo by Etta Goodstein

Fabulous Fall Weekends

Admit it. This week, just a little bit, the ninety-something-plus-humidity days have you feeling ever so slightly ready for cooler days ahead. What a perfect time to escape to the Cape, where the sea breezes and an ongoing schedule of fall festivals will make you wonder if autumn is your favorite month after all. Here are just five local festivals to fall for.

Whalewatching on Cape Cod, credit Paul Scharff

Active Traveler: A Whale of a Time

Cape Codders and our visitors have an awesome opportunity to gaze upon some of the rarest, most graceful creatures on earth, who just happen to call this beautiful destination home.

Katie's Ice Cream

Find Your Perfect Ice Cream: A Quiz

Before you get your next cone, freeze! Ice cream is serious business. Let’s start with a quiz:

1. How do you spend a day at the beach?
a. Collecting seashells or relaxing with a book
b. Flying a kite or taking nature photographs
c. Surfing or swimming

2. Which is your favorite Cape road?

Carnival in Provincetown

It's Provincetown Carnival Time!

Just as you’re starting to feel a hint of late-summer blues, it’s Carnival Week in Provincetown, a seven-day summer festival famous for its pool parties, parading, and that time there was an elephant in the road (this has only happened once).