Katie's Ice Cream

Find Your Perfect Ice Cream: A Quiz

Before you get your next cone, freeze! Ice cream is serious business. Let’s start with a quiz:

1. How do you spend a day at the beach?
a. Collecting seashells or relaxing with a book
b. Flying a kite or taking nature photographs
c. Surfing or swimming

2. Which is your favorite Cape road?

Carnival in Provincetown

It's Provincetown Carnival Time!

Just as you’re starting to feel a hint of late-summer blues, it’s Carnival Week in Provincetown, a seven-day summer festival famous for its pool parties, parading, and that time there was an elephant in the road (this has only happened once).

Courtesy Falmouth Road Race

Active Traveler: Falmouth Road Race

It is where elite and amateurs gather, where athletes and non-athletes meet.  It is one of the largest and most popular road races in the United States and it takes place on Cape Cod.

Quahog Republic Monstah Lobsta Roll

Classic Lobster Rolls

At some point this summer, you may find yourself in a lobster roll debate. Warm or cold? Mayo or butter? Celery or no celery? This debate may become heated.

Luckily, some things can’t be argued: 1) The lobster roll is a New England summertime classic, and 2) The following are seven of Cape Cod’s best.

Paddleboarding in Provincetown - credit Courtney Wittenstein

Active Traveler: Top Paddleboarding Spots

It's not quite surfing, not quite kayaking. It's paddleboarding, and this water sport is riding the wave to the top of Cape Cod's most beloved water sports.  Also known as SUP or Stand Up Paddling, paddleboarding – thought to have roots deep in Polynesian history - has become a fixture on the Cape Cod summer scene.  

Cape Cod Children's Museum, Mashpee, credit Dan Cutrona

The Cape for Kids: Rain or Shine

Anyone who has planned a vacation with kids knows two things. 1) The summer solstice has nothing on a rainy day in a hotel room with bored kids, which wins hands-down as the longest day of the year. 2) Beaches, mini golfing, the Cape Cod Baseball League, and the sixth trip to the ice cream parlor are summer classics, but sometimes you need an extra dose of inspiration to mix up the fun.

Cape Cod Fishing Charters

Active Traveler: Charter Fishing Adventures

The waters around Cape Cod are warming up as the summer season kicks into full swing.  Many visitors and locals enjoy boating, fishing and other water activities.  However not everyone is lucky enough to own their own vessel.  

Chatham Cape Cod Outdoor Band Concert, Paul Scharff

Fourth of July Fun on Cape Cod!

Everybody knows that hot dogs taste best on the beach, which is just one more reason Cape Cod is a quintessential destination for a seaside Independence Day. Keep your eyes posted on local events listings in the weeks to come for a full-schedule of festivities around the Cape.