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DJ's Family Sports Pub, Cape Cod

Top Picks for Super Bowl Sunday

Baseball has long been considered America’s pastime, but at some point in the past 15 years, it was surpassed by football.

Winter Walks on Cape Cod - Ben Nugent

Favorite Winter Walks on Cape Cod

There’s much to be said for cozying up indoors when the snow falls, but after the flakes have settled, walking along the snow-covered beaches is one of the Cape’s greatest winter pleasures. On gray days when the ground and branches are bare, the stretches of deserted shoreline and ocean horizons (and a good cup of coffee afterward) will cure any blues.

Doug the Cape Cod Quahog on New Year's

The Year of the Quahog

On New Year’s Eve, after indulging in a Mai Tai and Pu Pu Platter for 1 at Hyannis' Dragon Lite Restaurant, I opened my fortune cookie and was amazed at what I read: 2016 is The Year of the Quahog. It was clear that this was a message from above telling me one thing and one thing only:

Aerial Adventure Park Cape Cod

Active Adventure New Year's Resolutions

With a new year comes new hopes, dreams and beginnings. We set goals that we want to accomplish, some realistic, others more idealistic.

And so it is on Cape Cod, where there is always more to do. A place you haven’t explored. An activity you haven’t experienced. An adventure that awaits. With that in mind, here are our suggestions for your 2016 Cape Cod bucket list!

Chatham Orpheum Theatre - Cape Cod

Movie Night on the Cape

Baby, it’s cold outside! If you’re on the Cape (and where better to be to savor all that award-winning hot chowder, the wide-open beaches for winter walks, and off-season packages at your favorite B&Bs, inns, and hotels), bundle up and get cozy at the movies. Here are some favorite places to see the stars.

Enchanted Village at the Cape Codder - Cape Cod

Six Ways to Slow Down this Christmas on Cape Cod

There’s too many reasons to count why we love holidays on Cape Cod, where Santa arrives by boat and holiday strolls still conjure a page from an old-fashioned storybook, enough that you wouldn’t be so out of place with a velvet coat and angora muff. (Except for last weekend when you barely needed a coat at all.)

Carnival Caper at First NIght Chatham - Cape Cod

First Nights and First Light!

Cape Cod always decks the halls for Christmas, but the holiday fun and revelry continues right into the New Year!

Traditionally, First Night on this side of the canal has focused on two towns: Chatham and Sandwich.

Doug the Quahog and Santa

A Very Quahog Christmas

Everyone knows June is my month to shine. That’s when I make my annual prediction of Cape Cod summer awesomeness to the delight of my thousands of fans worldwide.

But the preparation for my big day begins now, in December.

Cape Kaleidoscopes - Cape Cod

A few of our favorite things

Doorbuster deals and cyber madness are their own kind of festive fun, but there’s nothing better than shopping local businesses to help you catch the spirit of the season.